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Employee Dishonesty Bond Program
Protect Yourself, Your Business & Clients from Theft, Embezzlement & Other Dishonest Employee Acts
Protection When You Need It Most
Finally – Affordable Employee Dishonesty Bond for Tax Professionals
Available to All PTIN Registrants That Have Employees
Protect Yourself from Liability for Less Than the Billing of 1 Return
Annual Protection Starts at Less Than $100
Let Your Clients Know You Are Bonded & Insured

Submit your application now and get protected today!
This bond will cover you for the next 12 months.
We'll prepare you for your most common risks*:
  • Your bookkeeper embezzles thousands of dollars
  • A client's identity is stolen by one of your employees
  • A client's tax refund is diverted to an employee's bank
  • An employee steals and forges a client's check
  • Your partner forges your name on a loan document
  • An employee steals your computers and equipment
  • Your employee steals client merchandise
  • Your employee steals fees paid by clients
  • An employee uses a client's credit card number
* These examples are for illustration purposes only as actual cases may vary depending on the circumstances involved. Also, to protect against unjustified allegations, the defaulting employee(s) must be convicted before coverage applies.
Employee Dishonesty Bond – Instant Online Approval – No Credit Check Required
The PTIN Employee Dishonesty Bond Program is made possible through the endorsement of the National Directory of Registered Tax Return Preparers & Tax Professionals, Maximus Insurance Agency and CNA Surety. This program is offered to any PTIN registrant that meets the criteria required through the application process.

The dishonesty bond provides the insured with coverage against a dishonest act by an employee. The clients to the insured's service are also protected against a dishonest act by an employee: however, a client does not have a direct right to recovery. CNA Surety only agrees to indemnify the insured for any loss of money or other property which it sustains or for which it becomes liable to any client through any fraudulent or dishonest act committed by its employees. The employee must be convicted of the dishonest act before coverage would apply. Click here to view the sample bond.

Rates for a tax office or firm with 5 or fewer employees start at less than $100/year. Rates are determined by the number of employees employed and the amount of coverage desired. The bond offered by CNA Surety is made available through Western Surety Company of Sioux Falls, SD, an affiliate of CNA.
To find out how much your bond will cost, please find your name and submit.
Protect Yourself, Your Firm & Clients
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Disclaimer: This website contains a brief summary of coverage and bond provisions and not intended to constitute a binding contract. All statements herein are subject to the provisions, exclusions and conditions of the bond which shall govern coverage provided.

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