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Are You Short Staffed? We Provide Bookkeepers and Tax Preparers

Introducing TAXtemp® Remote Staffing – Temporary and Permanent, Full-Time or Part-Time

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Use Promo Code 8DOLLARS to Request a Bookkeeper Starting at $8/hr (Regularly $10/hr)

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Your tax and accounting business is no longer limited by the size of your office. Take on as much work as you can, because our TAXtemp dedicated staff will become your back office. Hire our staff part-time or full-time starting at about $10/hour. There are no employee benefits and payroll taxes to pay. Our staff work remotely via the internet and cloud, from our office in India. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, which recognizes our commitment and adherence to the stringent compliance of processes, the quality of professionals we hire, the training protocols we follow, and the security and controls in our work environment. TAXtemp staff are regularly trained on accounting software, IT policies and security measures.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT Outsourcing – Client Data Files NEVER Leave Your Office!

Benefits of Remote Staffing:

  1. Hire Permanent Staff: Review resumes and interview candidates
  2. Save on Labor Costs: Bookkeepers start at $8/hour (with promo code), tax preparers start at $10/hour
  3. Hire Part-Time or Full-Time: Staff work either 20 hours/week or 45 hours/week (80 hours/month or 180 hours/month)
  4. Security: TAXtemp is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization committed to data security and confidentiality
  5. Grow Your Firm: Scale your business, utilize our back office staff
  6. Technology: TAXtemp staff remotely access a dedicated computer in your office, utilize cloud computing, and communicate via video calls – all of which allows for easy communication, collaboration and work management