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Tax Preparers' Errors & Omissions Policy Renewal
Don't put your personal assets at risk with a lapse of coverage. Drop your policy and you will no longer receive the benefits of the coverage's afforded you for all the tax returns you prepared this past year.

Reminder: It takes more than 1 year before the IRS sends out omission and discrepancy notices on clients' returns – so keeping your policy in force is a smart move. If it takes 2-3 years to find out if any tax returns you prepared will be audited by the IRS that is another reason to keep and renew your policy.

Keeping your policy in force with no lapse means keeping your coverage intact and uninterrupted.* It only takes one bad client situation – renew today for another 12 months for peace of mind.

Lastly – there will be no price increase if you agree to keep this policy now. The policy offered by CNA Surety is made available through Western Surety Company of Sioux Falls, SD, an affiliate of CNA.
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Disclaimer: This website contains a brief summary of coverage and policy provisions and not intended to constitute a binding contract. All statements herein are subject to the provisions, exclusions and conditions of the policy which shall govern coverage provided.

* Retroactive coverage is not available in New York and Virginia.