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Tax Preparers' Professional Liability Insurance Program
Retroactive Tax Professional Liability Coverage for One Year from Date of Policy*
Coverage When You Need It Most
Finally – Affordable Professional Liability Insurance for Tax Professionals
Available to PTIN Registrants
Insurance Coverage for Professional Liability for Less Than the Billing
of 1 Tax Return – Annual Coverage Starts at Less Than $200
Submit your application now and get covered today!
This policy will cover you for the next 12 months.

Bonus Coverage: Sign up now and receive complimentary prior acts
coverage* for unknown claims arising from acts during prior 12 months.
We'll prepare you for your most common risks:
  • Cover claims against you by your tax preparation clients up to the policy limit
  • Insures you against errors and omissions (subject to policy exclusions)
  • Cover defense costs (subject to policy limitations)
  • Cover both full-time and part-time employees, even if they only work during the tax season covered by the policy
  • Include one year complimentary retroactive coverage*
  • Offer the option for bookkeeping coverage to cover more than tax work
Frequently Asked Questions
Tax Preparers' Errors & Omissions Coverage
The Tax Preparers' Errors and Omissions Program is made possible through the endorsement of PTIN.ORG – The National Directory of Registered Tax Return Preparers & Tax Professionals, Maximus Insurance Agency and Western Surety Company. This program is offered to any PTIN member that meets the criteria required through the application process and is eligible for a premium discount**.

The Tax Preparers' Errors and Omissions Policy insures the tax preparer, partners and their employees against unintentional errors and omissions in the preparation of a tax return. It covers penalties and interest imposed on clients of the tax preparer to the extent of the actual damage resulting from an error or omission by the tax preparer subject to a $250 single/$500 aggregate deductible***.

Click here to view the sample policy.

Rates for a single tax practitioner start at less than $200/year. Rates vary on a state by state basis and are determined by the number of owners in the firm and the number of employees employed. The policy is offered by Western Surety Company of Sioux Falls, SD (an underwriting company of CNA Surety).
To find out how much your policy will cost, please find your name and submit.
Disclaimer: This website contains a brief summary of coverage and policy provisions and not intended to constitute a binding contract. All statements herein are subject to the provisions, exclusions and conditions of the policy which shall govern coverage provided. Our policy is designed exclusively for tax preparers engaged in tax preparation work and incidental bookkeeping services (if the optional bookkeeping endorsement is purchased) and is not intended to provide for Accountants' Professional Liability Insurance of the type needed by CPAs and accountants doing more than just tax work. Maximus Insurance Agency can redirect you to the appropriate resources as needed.

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* Retroactive coverage is not available in New York and Virginia.
** Discount is not available in Hawaii, New York and Tennessee.
*** $100 deductible in New York and Virginia.
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