You Could SAVE with a Special Discount on GEICO Auto Insurance

This Professional Discount Program is NOT Available to the General Public

GEICO #MemberDiscount

As a tax professional with a PTIN, you are now eligible to participate in this new exclusive program that should provide you with substantial savings on your auto insurance. Even if you are currently insured with GEICO, you could save even more money by mentioning your PTIN affiliation.

PTIN.ORG has partnered with GEICO to offer PTIN registrants a special discount on your auto insurance that is not available to the general public. We have made it easy for you to save on auto insurance. It actually takes as little as 5 minutes to find out how much you can save – much less time than the popular GEICO commercials state. Complete a simple, no-obligation rate quote – to get started, just type in your ZIP Code.

We know many PTIN registrants are already insured with GEICO. To find out how much additional you too can save, call 800-368-2734. Don’t forget to mention your PTIN affiliation to see how much you could save on your car insurance with your exclusive discount as a PTIN registered tax professional.