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Tax Preparers' Client Identity Theft Protection Revenue Program
This Tax Season – With Every Tax Return – Offer Clients Identity Theft Protection
ID Fraud Safe is excited to offer PTIN registrants a special residual revenue opportunity. Now you can provide all your tax clients with the best ID Theft Protection Service. Your clients are protected while saving 40%, and you build another revenue stream. Your clients trust you with their social security numbers, dates of birth, financial records, passwords, bank and credit card statements. Now, as their "Trusted Advisor", you can protect your clients' identity.
Earn $50 for Every Client that Signs Up & Get Paid $50/Client Every Year on Renewals
300 Clients – Earn $15,000 | 500 Clients – Earn $25,000 | 1,000 Clients – Earn $50,000
Your Clients Need Identity Theft Protection (Tax Returns, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Lost Wallets)
  • Identity Theft Can Strike Anyone at Anytime – A new identity is stolen every 2 seconds in the U.S., and most victims only discover they have a problem when they are denied credit.
  • Identity Theft Devastates Its Victims Financially – The average victim will lose $4,841 and spend an additional $1,400 in out-of-pocket expenses trying to resolve their case.
  • Repairing the Damage from Identity Theft is Frustrating and Time-Consuming – The average victim spends 330 hours repairing the damage from identity theft – the equivalent of working a full-time job for more than two months.
  • The Impact of Identity Theft Follows Victims for Years – 50% of identity theft victims experience trouble getting loans or credit cards as a result of identity theft, and 12% of identity theft victims end up having warrants issued by law enforcement in their name for crimes committed by the identity thief.
How the Program Works – Earning Money is Easy!
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You have been provided with a unique Member ID "Promo Code" in the email you received. Use this Promo Code at While not required, we recommend tax preparers sign up first with their Promo Code, before their clients. This will allow for a better understanding how the ID Fraud Safe monitoring service works. Of course, you will also receive a check for $50 back after you sign up. This Member ID "Promo Code" saves you and your clients 40% on the most comprehensive identity theft protection available today, and also allows us to track how many of your clients sign up.

Your clients pay only $179 a year for the ID Fraud Safe (regularly $300 without the promo code). You get paid $50 for yourself and every client that signs up every year – year after year*. Sign up your clients using the link or send them there to sign up themselves. But don't forget to tell them they must use your unique "Promo Code" we have provided you in the email.

* Checks are mailed to tax professionals monthly. Your first check will be mailed in February.