Association Health Plan Survey

An Affordable Health Insurance Plan Will Soon Be Available for PTIN Registered Tax Professionals

The cost of health insurance is anything but affordable. With the phasing out of the Affordable Care Act, changes to the current health insurance laws are anticipated and needed drastically. We are in the process of establishing an Association Health Plan for all PTIN registered tax professionals. The purpose of this plan will be to lower the cost of health insurance premiums with better coverage for our members and their families.

The current administration and the Department of Labor have issued new rulings on expanding the use of Association Health Plans. These new rules will allow for a more flexible fully insured solution. Association Health Plans are organized around a common professional interest such as a professional organization or industry group. An Association Health Plan for all PTIN registrants will allow individual members to aggregate their membership into a large group, securing lower and more stable rates for health insurance options.

The first step to setting up this plan requires our determining your level of interest in participation. Our survey will take less than 2 minutes of your time and should result in you and other members saving hundreds of dollars monthly on health insurance premiums. Only your responses to the questions in the survey will be provided to the insurance companies and other third parties. Without your input, a plan will not be possible. Thank you in advance for your participation in this survey.