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Hire Entigrity Staff: Leave your bookkeeping and tax work to a dedicated Entigrity accountant.

Accounting firms are operating in unprecedented times where remote and virtual working has become the new norm. Today, it really doesn't matter where your staff are physically located.

What does matter is having staff with the skills that you require, and having staff that can get the work done timely. Why not try us out now before tax season gets started?

We invite you to modernize your firm by hiring offshore, remote staff from Entigrity Staffing. We want to help your firm hire qualified tax accountants and bookkeepers in just a matter of days. This is the solution for PTIN registrants looking to build a remote team of experienced accounting staff to help support and grow their business.

We can help your firm hire offshore staff that know the software that you use, have the skills that you need, and work the hours that you require. Entigrity Staffing can help your business hire anywhere from 1 accountant to an entire team of accounting professionals with the qualifications your firm requires; and the staff all work remotely from Entigrity's offshore office in India.

Offshore staffing with Entigrity is EASY

  • Tell us your business objectives, the role you're looking to fill, and your IT requirements
  • Interview and select your staff
  • Select from flexible hiring options (Temporary, Permanent, On-Demand)
  • Pricing: $11-$16/hour
  • Staff work exclusively for you, under your management
  • Train and manage your offshore team
  • Staff work from the Entigrity office in India
  • There are NO placement or agency fees to use this service
  • No payroll taxes or benefits to pay
  • Achieve 75% savings on labor
  • Focus on growing your business and servicing your clients

Request more information to learn how Entigrity Staffing can help your firm.

Hire staff that know the software that you use and have the skills that you need.

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