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Johnson Keh

San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA
January 6, 2020

SCAM ALERT !!! Plz do not trust this guy named JOHNSON KEH. He is scam artist ,he will take your money and you will never see him again. I paid him $8k for electrical plans but all i got was incomplete ,wrong set of plans that is totally useless. This scammer stopped picking up phone and never returned any emails after he got paid. He Totally disappeared. initially he will make himself sound very promising but is total liar,con artist and a big cheat. He will argue with everyone claiming he has 40 yrs experience as an electrical engg. and he is superior,smartass and rest of people are kids and YO YO'S . HE wasted my time ,took my money and left me high and dry, i had to hire another person to start project all over again and finish the job. Nonetheless , i will be taking him to small claims court and i have already filed complaint with the board about his misdeeds and con behavior. I encourage any one of you who has been a victim of this guy to file complaint here… His license number is - 17705 I gave him so many chances but this guy is a total loser scumbag, bottom feeder and deserves jail time. I know its not easy to get hold of him or find him but if any of you scammed have questions about his modus operandi or his whereabouts then please contact me via yelp i will be more than happy to help you . p.s johnson Keh if you are reading this, i will not leave you alone, if u think u can get away with people's hard earned money and fool them then you are dead wrong., you will have to pay for your actions you crook!!!!