The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Qualana M. Roth

Fort Worth, TX

Norman, OK
March 9, 2020

DO NOT USE THIS INDIVIDUAL! If I could give less than 1 star I would. I was referred to Qualana Roth by one of her family members so I had high hopes and expectations of the service she provides. She is very unprofessional to say the least. Because I live in a different state than she does our interaction/communication with each other were via text and phone call, not in person. I provided her all required and requested personal information up front on 2/17/2 and 2/20/20. She told me on 2/17 I would be charged $300 in the worst case scenario. I contacted her on 2/24/20 to get an update specifically regarding if she filed yet and if I would get my copies of the forms via mail and email. Her only response was “email”. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t tell me if she had filed or not. But being optimistic that’s she’s a true professional and maybe busy, I decided to be patient. I then text her my email address on Wednesday 2/26/20, thinking this would be a hint to email my copies so I could track the refund but all she said was “ok, thanks”. On Friday 2/28/20 I asked again if she had filed, she responded that she had and my refund “should be here soon.” At that point I still hadn’t gotten my copies emailed so I specifically asked her to send them that day so I could start tracking. This was at 11 a.m. She agreed but by 10:30 p.m I still didn’t have an email from her. I text her but was ignored the whole weekend, even though I saw she was posting on social media! I text her again on Monday 3/2/20 with no response but yet again saw a FaceBook post she made so I knew she was using her phone. I decided to call. Amazingly she answered and I expressed my concern. She gave an excuse about her E-signature being down and having to downloaded my copies etc but that I’d get them that day. She even contacted me later to update me. However I didn’t get the email until the next day 3/3/20 and it was only my federal copy, not my state! Not to mention someone else prepared my taxes! My 1040 refund amount said $916 but the amount deposited on Wednesday 3/4/20 was $259.05. l asked her on Friday 3/6/20 what fee I was charged because there was a discrepancy and her response was I needed to contact the IRS bc I must’ve owed someone and after she applied her fees my refund was $927. I’m no genius, but how could that be if website said my refund was $916? Since I didn’t have an invoice or documentation showing services rendered and fees (like most professional preparers provide as standard practice) I contacted her again today Monday 3/9/20 to find out what I was charged for services. After replying to a defensive text from her that still didn’t answer my question, we ended up having a heated phone conversation. She was extremely unprofessional and rude-talked over me rather than listening to what I was explaining and asking, bc she clearly didn’t understand. She informed me “I was doing too much” by asking questions and divulged I was charged $500. In the heat of the conversation I didn’t confirm if that’s what she said and ultimately hung up on her. She then sent a string of unprofessional, inappropriate texts and I had to advise her to stop texting me. She even informed me that the actual preparer Lucy Krakue, wasn’t going to deal with me! HuH??? In a nutshell it was like pulling teeth to get my copies (still don’t have my state copy) and I concluded my taxes were not intercepted like she suggested and that I was a total of $656.95, $356.95 more than what I was initially told! She even gave the family member the run around about the $100 referral she’d get for me! I repeat, DO NOT USE THIS INDIVIDUAL!