The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Bruce E. Ermolovich, EA

Middle Island, NY

Shirley, NY
February 15, 2018

My husband and I went to Bruce E. Ermolovich at Middle Island Accounting for the first time last year in 2016 for our personal income taxes. He came as a referral from a local and we decided to use someone close to home. He charged us $250 and the process went fairly well. This year, we received a postcard from Bruce personally asking us to do business with him again this year, with a handwritten price of $300. We felt that price was fair and did not see why we wouldn't return for a second time to do our taxes with him. When we arrived to do our taxes with him, the process was very dragged out. Bruce argued with my husband about his back-up documents and changed some aspects of the returns after speaking with my husband multiple times throughout the year and giving him tax advice on what we can use to help us get the maximum tax refund. Mistakes were made clearly in front of us, as I noticed he entered incorrect dollar amounts in incorrect sections of his work, which I had to point out to him before he submitted to the IRS. During this meeting we were promised he would file our taxes that day and everything will be squared away. After a lengthy 2 hrs in his office, when we were ready to write a check for $300 (proof picture posted along with what we did pay) he looks at us and tells us $450 "because it took him so long." I was very upset that he raised his price $150 with no warning. My husband told me not to say a word and write the check, which I hastily did. A month prior to him lying about his 2017 income tax fee, we inquired with him about a family member who had tax issues and we asked how much it would cost to review her documentation and help us resolve her issues accordingly. After explaining this situation with him in detail, he told us that this would cost in between $250-$500. I thought that was reasonable and mentally prepared myself for this cost as I did with my $300 price for tax returns that all of a sudden turned into $450 for absolutely no reason. After a month of holding her tax returns and doing absolutely nothing but finding out about a warrant which he already knew and took about 9 keystrokes and 3 minutes of his time, he looked at us AFTER we handed him our personal check of $450 for our returns and said $900. We thanked him and walked out due to sheer disgust and lies once again about his pricing. I had my husband call him while we were in the car driving home within 5 minutes of leaving his office and tell him "no thank you" and asking when we can come back to pick up her documents. He not only ignored us, he created a fake auto response that came in 2 hours later about waiting a week to pick up our family members personal documents which are sitting on his desk. We didn't want animosity, and agreed we will come in a week. During this week, we texted him inquiring about why our taxes we not filed on the day he said they would be filed which is the same day we paid him. NO RESPONSE. Texted again the day after, NO RESPONSE. Next day, NO RESPONSE. Very unprofessional and just as appalling as his unkept office and dirty restroom. A week later, while we were out to lunch with our family, he sends nasty, childish, petty tough guy texts to my husband demanding $150 for no services rendered, claiming he was working on the family members returns but was not. So not only does he not respond to his clients when they have questions, he sends "tough guy" texts. My husband responded that he is not lying $150 and he wants his documents ready for him to pick up the next day. Bruce agrees. 20 minutes later, he had a change of heart, the same way he changes his pricing. Tacky and tasteless none the least. He TEXTS my husband claiming that he's throwing the documents in the mail. When my husband asked him another question regarding our 2017 tax return, he told my husband that he will not be scanning the returns as he did the prior year and told my husband to take the $150 we owe him and go scan them himself. Class
Client Review of

Ailyn Cardenas, EA

Hialeah, FL

Miami, FL
February 1, 2018

I made the unfortunate mistake of hiring this individual who is not a CPA in 2016. I have had nothing but trouble since then. To make matters worse I became friends with her.. so please understand if she treats friends this way I’d hate to see how she treats her customers. I met her when she just started working at Taxcare. She suggested I open up a S Corp - God only knows why since I am a Registered Nurse and I work for Jackson Hospital. In 2016 the IRS sent me a notice informing me I owed them $6000.00 on my 2014 return. Since I was paying Ms. Cardenas $120.00 a month for I don’t know what I asked her to help me.... well.... it’s 2018 February 1st and I have just gotten off the phone with the IRS. It turns out the so called “tax preparer” who filled in the amended 1040X filled in numbers, removed numbers and failed to submit an explanation of why the numbers were done in such a way that the amended return now showed that the IRS owed me money for 2014. This was done in June 2017 - which if you spoke to Ms. Cardenas according to ALL the correspondence I have she had done in February last year. Everytime I found forms or sent stuff to her she would tell me she’s on it, she’s fixing it... empty promises. Telephone conversations with her would have her ridiculing me telling me that this was all my fault to begin with because I was the one who did the initial 2014 wrong. However the money I was paying her I guess allows her to speak to me like I’m a degenerate. She would call me telling me how valuable her time is, how she must charge me for her phone calls. She would complain, tell me to be patient, tell me not to call the IRS, I’m making the issue worse, and that “you’re digging a bigger hole for yourself”. She submitted my 2016 taxes - God only knows how she did because I never signed anything. She would tell me she called the IRS for me and told me there was this woman who was handling my case that when I called the IRS had never heard of. Other times she would make comments like; “Do you know how much money you made last year? What do you do with your money? Where does it go? You waste your money” comments that continuously belittled me, humiliated me. At times I felt cornered, my hands were tied. I didn’t know where to go. Who to turn to. Last year during hurricane Irma she fell at a gas station. Even that was a huge ordeal for me. For months nothing got done because she couldn’t move her arm. She would make comments like; “Do you want me to lose my arm?” I have just gotten off the phone with the IRS and I now owe them $7000.00. The account is in collections... it’s accruing interest daily, they are on the brink of taking the money from me whether I like it or not... and when I call Ms. Cardenas... her solution to this is that I should submit my 2017 W2’s with her quickly and get some money. I plan on filing a formal complaint with the IRS because and I quote “the amended 1040X submitted appears to have been done by a child.. and has now caused you to probably be audited by the IRS for the next 5 years” (IRS this morning). This review is factual with documents to prove this.