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Jeffrey F. Harrison, CPA

Poughkeepsie, NY

Becket, MA
November 7, 2018

Engaged for forensic services in divorce, turns out he's the go to accountant for my now ex-wife's attorney. As per my complaint to the Office of Professional Discipline, Mr. Harrison failed to either examine or inform/review with me material crucial to my case, declined to requisition crucial documentation, failed to correct attorney’s misstatement and/or omissions which given documents in his possession he should have known were egregiously faulty. Mr. Harrison: 1. Failed to correct Attorney's omission of wife’s IRA Roth account from settlement conference. 2. Failed to correct Attorney's omission of the deed for Townhouse. 3. Failed to correct Attorney's omission of interrogatory(s) to require wife prove her contention her share of a 2 R.E. purchases & above mentioned was non-marital sources (if marital I had a 50% claim). This despite: • Mr. Harrison called asking for input to the Interrogatories, my request this be included. He said “Attorney's in a hurry to get this out, I may ask for it later”. • I submitted to Mr. Harrison my own spread sheet illustrating her withdrawals of marital account assets and it’s concordance to RE purchases. • No other source for these purchases was ever sought/identified by Mr. Harrison or the Attorney. Case settlement apparently coinciding with 100% dissipation of Mr. Harrison retainer 5K and 96% of attorney's retainer. Mr. Harrison works from home no receptions claims to have part assistance, he often doesn't return calls for weeks. Obese he may be in ill health but that doesn't preclude him replying by phone & e-mail.
Client Review of

Jason Trafford

Phoenix, AZ

Peoria, AZ
October 27, 2018

My wife and I contracted this individual (Jason Trafford) and his firm to file our taxes for 2016 and that was a huge mistake! We met with him in early March of 2017 to complete our taxes and we trusted him that all would be okay. We grew concerned when we began getting the runaround on numerous occasions. The first red flag was when we didn't receive copies of our filing and also our confirmation that our filing was confirmed by the IRS. It took several attempts and requests to get our copies and then after that we still asked for proof that our filing was accepted by the IRS. Still to this day, this has not been sent to us. In February of 2018, we received a letter from the IRS that they received our payment of $9095 but had no filing as to where to apply it to?? After informing him of this he scoffed and said that the IRS screws up all the time and he would call to get it straightened it out (never happened)! He claims that a picture of his computer screen from his smartphone is proof of our filing when it clearly is NOT! We then also received a letter from AZ Dept of Revenue in August that we had penalties with them for not filing!! We paid them late fees in the amount of $99.72!! He proceeded to advise us to simply reduce it from his invoice! Seriously?! We ended up meeting with the IRS directly who first hand told us that they never received a filing from his firm. I then took a copy of our filing to the IRS myself to get the filing filed (already late) due to his negligence and incompetence of a business person. When I explained to him that we were now going to have to pay late fees and interest he stated that he would fix it all with a letter of abatement and explanation from his firm. That never happened either!! We later receive another letter from the IRS that our tax filing also had errors on our dependents and we were now subject to more of a tax deficit, late fees and penalties totaling $3794.61! He is completely untrustworthy!