The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Alfred L. Worthy, CPA

Olive Branch, MS

Southaven, MS
August 16, 2018

After being loyal repeat customers for “years”, had you asked me to review Al Worthy prior to June 2018, I would say he is an upstanding business man of integrity. I used to even brag about him to family and friend and the great job he performed. However, that all changed in June when we received a notice from the IRS stating there was a mistake on our 2016, tax form and we owed over 5K. When I received the notice, I called Al on 6/14/18, and left a vm. He returned with a text stating “can I call you later”. I replied yes and that I would be up until 10, by 10, he hadn’t returned my call. He called the next morning of which I explained the situation, and he stated he would look over our 2016, return. On 6/19/18, I called, left a vm which he returned with a text “in service”. I replied asking if he had a chance to look at the return and for an update. He replied “I looked at the return. I did pick up the wrong amount for taxes. I need to see the papers. I must amend the return and try to identify some additional deductions”. We decided I would leave the papers on his porch 6/22/18, since he wouldn’t be at home and this then when he started going “completely” ghost on me. I sent Al a text message 6/23/18, to confirm he obtained my papers and he failed to answer. After waiting four days with no reply, I sent him a word document via text stating my disapproval of how we were being treated after being loyal customers. He replied, “I got it”, and that he would keep me up to date with a status. After not hearing a word for several days, I texted Al 7/2, (with no reply), and again 7/6, (with no reply). I realize in today’s world everyone is busy with life however, it doesn’t take but a few seconds to respond to a text message. One would think a true man of integrity who admits he made a huge mistake would at least have the decency to return messages, apologize, or offer to reimburse the money I paid him for my 2016, return. Needless to say we got stuck paying for his mistake. In conclusion, if you decide to use Al Worthy for your taxes be aware of this behavior.