The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Derek G. Redcross

Bala Cynwyd, PA

Philadelphia, PA
March 24, 2022

The president and I met in person and had a conversation in which I told him one of two people recommended me to him (couldn’t remember which). I discussed my personal details but none of this conversation was recorded except for as a few handwritten notes, one small page, which he handed to his secretary. I sent an email to his secretary that night with my old tax return and three (numbered) pieces of information that were changes for 2021. The tax file was created and sent back to me ignoring two of the three details. I politely asked for the changes to be made —twice, one for each detail—and was sent back a tax return missing an entire form.The form he missed helps in my getting a refund. I was polite in requesting the full finalized tax return including the invoice, summary of taxes due, and any refund info but I wrote: “This whole experience has been very disorganized and inept. I won’t be returning for next year. Let me know if I missed something to sign, the final amounts estimated for…. and the address for the check so that this transaction can be over.” I get an email back asking me to pay the bill, without acknowledgment of the mistake, or apology. This is literally the same day they sent their final draft (3/23/22), so it’s not like I’m late on anything. I write back: “Yes, which is why I asked for a summary of: Refund amount estimated State payment Where to send check (or preferably electronic option) Confirmation of total amount of invoice I have never dealt with any tax place so unprofessional.” For this, I get an email claiming I lied about who recommended me (untrue, and this is in an email), calling me “less than honorable,” and writing “we typically deal with more complicated accounts,” essentially saying they did not need my business anyways. Lesson learned and passing this information on for anyone else who is a regular individual filer.
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Bernard S. Manning

Stone Mountain, GA

Lithonia, GA
March 22, 2022

I had used Benni previously for taxes and when I asked him my refund amount he always quoted me an amount with his fees taken out .This year after filling I then begin checking the IRS site and realized that the amount he quoted me was less than amount being deposited. I had about $120 deposited in my account and was missing over $1,000 when I asked Benni about it he first said that I owed the IRS money which I knew couldn't be correct because I deal with legit business I also noticed that he added a dependent to my tax documents and I don't have any kids. I continue to ask Benni what could have caused it only to find out that his astronomical filing fee of $975 was diverted it to his own account. Once I made it clear I knew this Benny then changed his tone and said that he now quotes clients without his fee being taken out which he has never done in my entire time dealing with him. I don't have a problem with the fact that this company charges fees what I do have a problem with is you telling me I owe the IRS money and that it's on me knowing that you took the fee out. I also have a problem being a legitimate businessman with you falsifying my records and my documents which I would never agree to. If you're a legit business or a legit person do not use this company as some of the false numbers they put on your tax returns can land you in hot water. Benny clearly told me he doesn't know how to do business taxes but yet added my business and made up expenses to my tax return. I know Benny personally and went to high school with him and he did nothing to make it right or admit any wrongdoings in fact he stepped outside of a business professional conversation and became Street. If this is how he does someone he went to high school with I can only imagine how he's taking advantage of all the mothers and other business owners out there do not use this company
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Myrna McAlpin, AFSP, SRTP

Elk Grove, CA

Columbus, NE
March 2, 2022

Up until now she was great but I moved out of state and asked her the year before I left if she could still be my tax lady and she said yes of course just email me your w-2s and I can do them. I emailed her my paperwork on February 5th and heard nothing back from her after checking in with her after a week. A few more days went by and she emailed me and told me she received my email. Then went dead on me. I called and text her multiple times and received no answer or response from her. Today 03-02-22 I text her and asked what the deal was with my taxes and she pretty much said that she was too busy to take less than an hour out of her day to prepare my taxes and if I was in a hurry I could go elsewhere. I responded and you couldn't tell me this weeks ago. Like you had me on hold and all it would have taken was you to reply after my first inquiry. I believe because I wasn't sitting infront of her for her to do my taxes that my business to her was worthless. I brought her 2 additional clients when I started going to her and if this is how she is going to treat her clientele then she doesn't deserve my business. My concern is instead of just saying hey I don't have time to do your taxes (after I first reached out to her to ask about them) please go elsewhere she let me wait a whole month before responding to me. That is unacceptable. I could have had my taxes done weeks ago. But no she wanted to play games with my money. What a joke.
Client Review of

Adam J. Buseman

Charles City, IA

Charles City, IA
February 26, 2022

Adam Buseman failed to file my taxes took my money did not return any of my phone calls when i started recieving notices from IRS. He also failed to file any state taxes. He caused me to miss out on a $7000.00 return and now I owe the IRS $4000 dollars. HNR block Charles City engages in discrimonatory practices and DOES NOT back every filing 100% its been a year. This is false advertising. I am filing in federal court against these guys. as well as form 14157-a Tx preparer fraud. I took 4 years of taxes to file; one with business tax stating i had to pay in. and 3 others which promised returns which would have offset the amount i owe to zero. I received notice from IRS about 2017 not being filed and 2019 being rejected no response from Adam Buseman when i brought it to his attention, i recieved notice concerning Adam Busemans Failure to file a Form 940 from the irs . He also caused my 2017 income tax return of $7000 to fall outside of the alloted time frame therefore causing me to lose my return. Mr Adam Buseman Has 9 years experience as a tax preparer I feel this intentional and based off of discrimination. Upon being given a time limit by The IRS to file form 940 and 2017 tax return which i paid him to do. I notified Mr Buseman regarding the situation he did not rectify the matter it took him a whole year to respond and it wasnt until I called his office irrate did he return and of my texts. I have all the screen shots between us to prove. I ulitmatley had to take my taxes to a private cpa who informed me that there wasnt even a return in any of the files that it was all documents that the office printed up.