The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Dennis Brown

Dallas, TX

Plano, TX
February 23, 2020

I was a client for 14 yrs. On Aug 2019 I received a notice from the IRS regarding a premature Roth IRA distribution I took in 2017. I recall showing Dennis the 1099R during our appointment and bringing it to his attention. The money was to pay my son's tuition. Dennis failed to report the additional (tax free) income. The IRS was asking for an additional $4,400 due to them not knowing the distribution was my basis. The original CP 2000 notice advised that form 8606 was needed to report the distribution. The form would show that all money taken out was my contributions, therefore no tax owed. Dennis did an amended return, not the form 8606---citing in the comment section that I failed to disclose the distribution. In Dec 2019, I received more letters from the IRS that I was still on the hook for the money and a notice of deficiency was being filed--once again mentioning the lack of form 8606. I attempted to notify Dennis, however he was not responding to emails until the first of the year. Finally on Jan 13th, 2020 he sent me an email that he received all the IRS letters and would contact me. More than a month went by and no word. Emails asking for a status update went unanswered. It was obvious that he was ignoring me. So I am forced to deal with it on my own. I guess the money I paid Dennis all those years only covered the 15-20 minute session when he is churning and burning to maximize his income. The fact that he treated a long term client like he did me is a definite window into his character as a person. Some might even call him a lowlife. I don't wish him well. Dennis is not a CPA nor an Enrolled Agent. Clients should beware to avoid situations like mine.
Client Review of

Stephen Barnard, EA

Manchester, ME

Augusta, ME
February 15, 2020

Had been recommended to this man by another tax guy I used for years. Made an appointment to have my taxes done which at this point he couldn’t give me any price details. Once I went to the appointment he took my information and said “ well I will try to get to them in a couple weeks.” To which I was shocked and confused. Why make an appointment three days prior. At this point still won’t give me a price or date to which they will be done. After almost three weeks I called and inquired as to what’s going on. He replies, “ oh actually, I just started them today. So I might be done tomorrow “ when asked how much it will cost still got a run around useless answer. The following day arrives he calls me to say they were done and I can pick them up. While on the phone I asked again how much?? Whom he replies , “ I ah don’t have your info in front of me so I don’t know. When I finally went to pick them up he still didn’t tell me the price. He slides over an invoice for a little over $200 dollars. I am a single non married male who. Works at the same place of business for years. I have no other complexing thing such as investments or additional incomes. So as basic as taxes get. I believe he is gouging his prices when he sees you are goin to get a decent return. Firmly recommend not seeing him for he is very unprofessional and shady. This year I had them done by Hand R block which are on the pricey end of having your taxes done and it only cost $125. Which I was also in and out and done in 30 minutes. So if you want to be screwed use Steve. If you want to save money use almost anyone else