The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Jerry K. Yogboh

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA
August 6, 2018

Jerry is a fraud and a cheat. He prepared my tax returns for the last three years and he has given me refunds that are a lot less than I was due from the IRS. I found out when I showed the returns he filed on my behalf to another preparer and was told exactly this. I've trusted him because we are from the same country in West Africa ( Liberia), but he has betrayed my trust and has lied to me for years about my tax returns. I only now decided to have another tax professional review my tax return documents this year, after he refused to give me my tax return this year. And was told to report him to the IRS, and that he has been defrauding me all the years he has filed my taxes. In 2017, I was due a refund of $1,900, but Jerry told me that my refund was $1,150, after his filling fee of $150. And he did not even give me my refund of $1,150. He told me that the IRS hasn't deposited the check in HIS account yet, even though we are now in August 2018. So we called the IRS and were told the true amount of my refund was actually $1,900 and that it was deposited into Jerry's account in April 2018. Every time I call or go see Jerry, he gives me the run around. He doesn't even answer his phone anymore when I call. In 2015 and 2016, I was due a refunds of $1,800 and $1750 from the IRS, but Jerry said that my refunds were only $900 and $700, after his filing fee of $150 was deducted. He has been cheating me on my refunds every year, without my knowledge, because I trusted him enough not to check the returns he filed for me. With the help of my son, I am reporting him to the IRS Criminal Investigation Return Preparer Program (RPP). He needs to be banned from filling taxes for anyone. He is a fraud of a preparer, a criminal and he is not to be trusted. If he has filed your returns, check them again, because he most likely cheated you, like he did me.