The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Sarah E. Swisher

Collinsville, OK

Claremore, OK
October 12, 2018

Please do not use Premier Tax Services and Bookkeeping Solutions out of Adair, soon to come to Claremore. I am disappointed with her customer service and work ethic. She came to our home in March and filed returns for myself, husband and son. She was very nice and completed our returns at our home and told us she would return our paperwork, once she organized it, the following week. We paid her and went about our business. My husband and I have received our money. My son received his federal but not his state. As a first time filer he needed to verify his identity and we needed his W-2 to do so. This is May, still no returned paperwork and I needed to get it to send in son's W-2 so he can get paid. "Oh I'll do it for him, it will be quicker". Here it is October, after numerous texts and phone calls with minimal response from Premier owner, still no paperwork returned when I have been promised numerous times she would meet me. And come to find out, she did not file the paperwork needed for my son to verify his identity, so he still has not been paid and hopefully he does not get in trouble. I didn't have a problem with her work or her, she was very sweet. I have a problem with the lack of ethics and professionalism when it comes to doing what is right. I did a review on her business Facebook page and she has taken it down. It's not just us, she has done this to a friend of mine as well. She will not answer her calls or texts and still has ALL her paperwork. I am not out to ruin this person or business but I dont want this to happen to someone else. I have requested that she please return our personal property and I will let it be. I just don't understand!