Mortgages & Loans

1 Are my parents responsible for the Educational Loans I have taken out ? 2 Are points paid on my mortgage deductible ? 3 Can a college PLUS Loan be discharged ? 4 Can I avoid paying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)? 5 Can I get a business loan if my business is service based with little business collateral ? 6 College financial aid process - what is a Federal Perkins loan ? 7 Do my parents have an opportunity to cancel their college PLUS Loan after they sign the promissory note ? 8 How are American Depositary Receipt dividends paid and taxed ? 9 How can I estimate how large a Mortgage I can afford ? 10 How do I apply for a Student Loan for my child ? 11 How do I know what amount to deduct as mortgage interest on my tax return? 12 How is the Treasury Index used in relation to mortgages ? 13 I was denied a loan , where do I get a copy of my credit report ? 14 In relation to Student Loans , what is a Grace Period ? 15 In relation to the mortgage process , what is the Annual Percentage rate ? 16 In relation to the mortgage process , what is the Graduated Repayment option ? 17 In the college application process , do I have to sign the Master Promissory Note each year ? 18 In the college application process , is the Master Promissory Note my loan application ? 19 In the college application process , what is a Master Promissory Note ? 20 In the college financial aid process , what is a Federal PLUS loan ? 21 In the college financial aid process , what is a Stafford loan ? 22 In the mortgage process , what is a Simple Interest loan ? 23 In the mortgage process , what is a Wraparound mortgage ? 24 In the mortgage process , what is the Certificate of Occupancy ? 25 In the mortgage process , what is the Payment to Income ratio ? 26 In the mortgage process , what is Title Insurance ? 27 In the mortgage process, what are Points ? 28 Is 20% of the price of a new house always required as a down payment ? 29 Is my personal credit history considered for a business loan ? 30 Mortgage - After acquired clause 31 Mortgage loan - What is Forbearance? 32 Should I consolidate my various Student loans ? 33 What are closing costs? 34 What are Title IV loans ? 35 What does Fannie Mae stand for? 36 What does Freddie Mac stand for ? 37 What does Ginnie Mae stand for? 38 What does the term Equity mean? 39 What expenses are paid at the mortgage closing ? 40 What is a " no income check" loan ? 41 What is a Bank collection float ? 42 What is a banking ABA Routing Number ? 43 What is a Biweekly Mortgage ? 44 What is a Bridge loan ? 45 What is a Builder buy down loan ? 46 What is a Cosigner ? 47 What is a five year Adjustable, with a 30 year term mortgage ? 48 What is a Home Equity Line Of Credit ? 49 What is a Home Equity loan? 50 What is a Jumbo Loan ? 51 What is a Lease Purchase Option Mortgage ? 52 What is a mortgage amortization schedule ? 53 What is a mortgage Buy down option ? 54 What is a mortgage loan to value ratio ? 55 What is a Mortgage with a Balloon option ? 56 What is a Overlying Mortgage ? 57 What is a Piggyback Mortgage ? 58 What is a Reverse Mortgage ? 59 What is a State Tuition Section 529 plan ? 60 What is a Veteran's Administration mortgage ? 61 What is a Working Mortgage ? 62 What is a Zero Down Plus mortgage ? 63 What is an "Roll-In " loan Option ? 64 What is an Adjustable Rate mortgage? 65 What is an Escrow payment? 66 What is an impound account ? 67 What is hazard insurance ? 68 What is interim financing ? 69 What is PMI , Private Mortgage Insurance ? 70 What is the difference between a Home Equity Line of credit and a Home Equity loan ? 71 What is the difference between the interest rate and the APR ? 72 What is the interest rate on college PLUS Loans ? 73 What is the mortgage debt to income ratio ? 74 What types of insurance will I need prior to closing on my house ? 75 When do my parents begin repaying the college PLUS Loan ? 76 Who is included in the Federal Reserve System ?

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