Educational Tax Benefits

1 American Opportunty credit partially limited - carried forward to next year? 2 Are Fellowship payments taxable? 3 Are the costs I pay for my Law Review courses deductible? 4 Are the costs of Continuing Education classes to keep my job skills sharp deductible? 5 Are the costs of my secondary teacher college courses deductible? 6 As a doctor, Refresher courses - deductible ? 7 As an attorney , can I deduct the costs of a master's law degree program ( LLM ) ? 8 Can I claim both the Lifetime Learning tax credit and a American Opportunity credit in the same tax year? 9 Can I deduct my child's college tuition ? 10 Claiming Non dependents tuition 11 College academic scholarship designated for tuition and books - taxable? 12 College courses and related Books 13 College scholarship - support for the 50% dependency support test 14 College tuition and Room and Board 15 CPA review course - deductible? 16 Do payments to my grandchild's tuition reduce the annual gift tax exclusion? 17 Education - Employer Reimbursements 18 Educational Assistance Plans 19 Employer Reimbursements - Accountable Plan 20 Employer Reimbursements - Education = Nonaccountable Plan = W-2 box 1 21 Fellowship payments - IRS Publications 22 Is the total amount I contributed to my college in exchange for football stadium tickets deductible ? 23 Lifetime Learning credit partially limited in 2013 - carried forward to next year ? 24 MBA courses - deductible? 25 Student Loan interest - 2013 26 Student Loan interest - maximum deduction and phase-out 27 Student Loan interest - tax deductible? 28 Teacher - deductible expenses 29 What is an Educational IRA ?

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