Buying & Selling a Business

When buying a business , what are some basic questions to ask ?

Why are you selling your business? How many years have you been in business? How many years have you been in business at the present location? Did you create the business or did you buy the business from someone else? Do you have a formal sales agreement prepared that I could have my lawyer look at? Are you a sole proprietorship, partnership or S or C corporation? Do you have tax returns and financial statements that my local CPA can look at? Which bank do you do business with? What types of insurance must your business carry? How many hours did you work per week in your business? How many employees do you have? Do family members work in your business? Will the family members stay after the sale? What type of entity are you? Are you willing to take a note and be paid over time instead of all at once? Will you stay and work for a while after the business is sold? How is inventory controlled? How often do you take a physical inventory?

Need Professional Help?

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