Capital Gains & Losses

Capital Gains Tax Rates -2013

If your tax bracket = 10% or 15%, the Short Term Capital Gain is taxed at ordinary income rates, Long Term Capital Gains and Qualifying Dividends tax rate = 0% If tax bracket = greater than 15%, the Short Term CG taxed at ordinary rates Long Term CG and Qualifying Dividends tax rate = 15% For 2013: ATRA, extends the current capital gains and dividends rates on income at or below $400,000 (individual filers), $425,000 (heads of households), and $450,000 (married filing jointly) for tax years beginning after December 31, 2012. For income in excess of $400,000 (individual filers), $425,000 (heads of households) and $450,000 (married filing jointly), the rate for both capital gains and dividends is 20 percent. .

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