College Planning & Financial Aid

In the FAFSA process , what is a PIN ?

Formerly known as the Electronic Access Code (EAC), a PIN is the code that you need to: Sign your FAFSA electronically or Retrieve your Renewal FAFSA information over the Internet or File your Renewal FAFSA using the FAFSA on the Web site or Access the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) web site and view information about other federal student aid you may have received. Your PIN is similar to the PIN you use to access your bank account. To protect the privacy of the information you are submitting, you must keep your PIN secret. If you need a PIN, have lost or forgotten your PIN, or if you think someone else knows your PIN, you can request a new one at You can sign FAFSA Express or FAFSA on the Web applications electronically using your PIN. If you sign the application using an electronic signature, you do not have to print out and sign a paper signature page.

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