College Planning & Financial Aid

In the FAFSA process , what is the difference between my PIN and my Data Release Number ( DRN ) ?

The Data Release Number (DRN) appears in the top right corner of the Student Aid Report (SAR). The DRN allows you to contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center to make corrections to your address or your institution list. It also allows you to release your FAFSA data to schools not listed on your FAFSA. The PIN comes in a separate mailer, and allows you to access your Renewal FAFSA on the Web and Corrections on the Web. It also allows you to electronically sign FAFSA on the Web, Renewal FAFSA on the Web, Corrections on the Web, and FAFSA Express applications. While the DRN and the PIN share the same four-digit format, the number schemes are different; therefore they are not interchangeable.

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