College Planning & Financial Aid

What do the code abbreviations on the Student Aid Report ( SAR ) mean ?

The code abbreviations on the bottom of the Student Aid Report represent intermediate results in the need analysis. The meanings of the codes are as follows: EFC = Expected Family Contribution, TI = Total Income, ATI = Allowances Against Total Income, STX = State and Other Tax Allowance, EA = Employment Allowance, IPA = Income Protection Allowance. CAI = Contribution from Available Income, DNW = Discretionary Net Worth, APA = Education Savings and Asset Protection Allowance, PCA = Parents' Contribution from Assets, AAI = Adjusted Available Income, TPC = Total Parents' Contribution, TSC = Total Student's Contribution, PC = Parents' Contribution, SIC = Dependent Student's Income Contribution, SCA = Dependent Student's Contribution from Assets.

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