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What is the PSAT test ?

The PSAT test is a practice test for the SAT examination. It is also used as a qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program , The National Scholarship Service, Fund for Negro Students, and the Hispanic Scholar Recognition Program. The PSAT includes a writing skills section of multiple choice questions that does not appear on the SAT. Past PSAT tests included: a Verbal Reasoning section of 50 questions allowing 50 minutes; The verbal section included sentence completion, critical reading passages and analogies; The Math section included 40 questions allowing 50 minutes including regular Math, Quantitative Comparisons and student produced response sections; The writing skills included 39 questions allowing 30 minutes, including an improving sentence, improving paragraph and an identifying sentence errors' sections. Students receive a score in each content area ranging from 20 to 80. The total score ranges from 60 to 240.

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