College Planning & Financial Aid

In the college application process, what are some examples of Essay Topics the student can expect to write about ?

Some examples of essay topics are; Tell us why you want to come to our college?; Briefly describe how you envision your first year in college; Tell us about yourself; How will your presence be known on campus?; Describe your "first experience"; Tell us about an academic or extracurricular interest, activity or idea; Tell us about your contributions to your community; What kind of contribution will you make to our college?; Write a page from your own life journal that reports something in precise honesty and accuracy?; Recall an occasion when you took a risk that you know now was the right thing to do; Write about two objects that would give the admissions selection committee insight into who you are; Think about something you never did in high school, but wish you did. Now, think about something new you are considering taking in college and write about it? Tell us your intended major and how our college will meet this need in this area. A website that provides essay samples and essay analysis tools is

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