Payroll Taxes

W-2 - Box 12 Codes

Elective deferrals from retirement plans and adjustments or deductions are listed with a code and an amount in Box 12. CODES: A = Uncollected SS or RRTA tax on tips B = Uncollected Medicare tax on tips C = Taxable cost of group life insurance over 50K D through H,S,AA,BB,EE = Elective Deferrals and Roth contributions J = Nontaxable sick pay K = 20% excise tax on golden parachute payments L = Employee business expense reimbursements M = Uncollected SS or RRTA tax on life insurance N = Uncollected Medicare tax on life insurance P =excludable moving expense reimbursements Q =Nontaxable combat pay R = Employer contributions to Archer MSA S = salary reduction under 408(p) Simple T = Adoption benefits V= income from stock option W = HSA employer contribution Y = 409A deferral Z = 409A income AA = Roth contribution under 401(k) BB =Roth contribution under 403(b) DD = employer health coverage EE =Roth contribution under 457(b)

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