Tax Law Highlights - 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Federal Disaster Area Designation - 10% killer - Will Congress act

After the occurance of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma, Congress acted to eliminate the 10% of AGI limitation as well as the $100 subtraction. As of today 3/7/13 Congress has not acted to extend similar tax law changes for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Taxpayers should contact their local Congressman and ask them to vote ASAP. The current law is as follows: After you have figured the amount of your loss, you must figure how much of the loss you can deduct. If the loss was to property for your personal use or your family's, there are two limits on the amount you can deduct for your casualty or theft loss. 1.You must reduce each casualty or theft loss by $100 ($100 rule). 2.You must further

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