Taxes - My Tax Return

With the introduction of so many tax software progams, doing your taxes seems so easy. Why should I use a CPA to prepare my tax return?

Tax software programs are only as good as the user. Almost all CPAs use professional tax software packages to prepare their clients' returns. A CPA is licensed by the state in which he or she practices. CPAs are required to take continuing education courses every year to keep current. As you know, tax laws are always changing. CPAs spend twelve months a year actively preparing individual and business returns. While there is no guarantee, having a CPA prepare your return can often save you additional money on that return. Also, your time with family and friends is important. Having a CPA do your taxes means you do not have to waste hours or even days preparing your own return. Finally, when meeting with a CPA, you will be given advice and tax planning tips so that on next year's return you will be able to take advantage of various tax saving opportunities previously unknown to you.

Need Professional Help?

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