Tip Income Reporting

Waiter and Waitress - Tip Reporting

If your total tips for any 1 month from any one job are less than $20, do not report the tips for that month to that employer. Report to your employer only cash, check, and debit and credit card tips you receive. If you participate in a tip-splitting or tip-pooling arrangement, report only the tips you receive and retain. Do not report to your employer any portion of the tips you receive that you pass on to other employees. You must report tips you receive from other employees. If your employer does not give you any other way to report your tips, you can use Form 4070, Employee's Report of Tips to Employer. Fill in the information asked for on the form, sign and date the form, and give it to your employer. If you do not use Form 4070, give your employer a statement with Your name, address, and social security number. Your employer's name, address, and business name (if it is different from your employer's name). The month (or the dates of any shorter period) in which you received tips. The total tips required to be reported for that period. You must sign and date the statement. Be sure to keep a copy with your tax or other personal records.

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