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Client Review of James J. Troisi from Port Saint Lucie, FL (10 Client Reviews)
Joan & David Stevens | Pottstown, PA | September 30, 2016
Jim has been working on our tax returns, federal and PA, for about 35 years. He took over our account when he still lived in NJ. Since moving to FL he continues to travel north for a week each March to touch base with old customers, completing their returns. He has always done a great job for us. We generally receive completed, processed paperwork within a week, supplying the necessary information for either payments due or refunds heading our way. We hope he sticks around for another 20 years!
Client Review of William Kawalec, RTRP from Escondido, CA (5 Client Reviews)
Robert Gordon | Escondido, CA | September 29, 2016
We have been going to William Kawalec and Associates for tax preparation since making our home in San Diego California almost 45 years ago. Mr. Kawalec is always available for federal and state tax questions during the year and not just seasonal like some tax preparers. In addition, Mr. Kawalec has always provided us with tax preparation material to assist us in gathering needed financial information for filing current year federal and state taxes. Mr. Kawalec has always been very professional and knowledgeable on current tax laws and spends time with customer to explain current tax laws. We have always felt thankful to have a professional like Mr. Kawalec preparing our taxes.
Client Review of Komi A. Akoumani, EA, RTRP from Hartford, CT
Toi Halawi | Hartford, CT | September 28, 2016
as my rating shows ,KOMI is an excellent tax preparer, his even solve problems from my previous tax preparers and always advise the best way to pays tax; ready to help with any tax problem
Client Review of Teresita L. Spina, EA, RTRP from Nakagami-Gun Okinawa (12 Client Reviews)
Paul Lyons | Arlington, VA | September 24, 2016
We have been using Tess Spina for nearly six years and can firmly attest that honesty, integrity, attention-to-detail, expertise, and precise communications are her hallmarks. She has been PHENOMENAL as a tax preparer. The bottom-line for us as a family is that she affords us complete peace-of-mind that our taxes are completed correctly and thoroughly. We live in the US and upload our tax-related information via a secure drop-box on the internet. This has allowed us to continue to benefit from Tess's unparalleled expertise and first hand knowledge of our family's tax history - rather than start afresh with someone less talented. We would never think to go elsewhere for a tax preparer. If there was a ten-star option on this rating system, we wouldn't hesitate to press it! She has made out tax experience effortless and worry free! Candidly, I don't think you'll find a tax preparer any better than Tess!
Client Review of Michael Rosedale, CPA from Wantagh, NY (11 Client Reviews)
Michael Martinek | Seaford, NY | September 19, 2016
This was the first year Michael Rosedale prepared our returns and we were extremely happy. From the first time we spoke on the phone Michael made us feel very comfortable with his knowledge and professionalism. We highly recommend Michael Rosedale!!
Client Review of Roy H. Cooper, CPA from Deer Park, NY (14 Client Reviews)
Michael Kerrigan | West Islip, NY | September 19, 2016
I've worked with Roy for the last 5 years on my personal tax return and my business tax return and I must say, it has made my life so much easier!! He works around my schedule and always responds to the many questions that I have very quickly. I've recommended Roy to family and friends and all have said that working with him is great. I will keep recommending him moving forward.
Client Review of Daniel Allen, CPA from Overland Park, KS (2 Client Reviews)
Jack Nealson | Leawood, KS | September 17, 2016
Dan Allen was very helpful with our partnership and income taxes. Our previous accountant did not answer our phone calls or explain our taxes to us. I am happy we found Dan and highly recommend him.
Client Review of Karen S. Stanford, RTRP from Las Vegas, NV (7 Client Reviews)
Stephanie Henderson | Las Vegas, NV | September 16, 2016
/For the past three years, Karen has been taking care of the quarterly taxes and income taxes for our business and our personal income taxes as well. Everything has always been correct and done in a timely manner. If I have questions she is always patient and answers promptly, usually within an hour or two. She goes beyond what is necessary when I have a problem., going so far as coming to my house to help me get things set up on my personal computer. She is proficient at her job, prompt, patient and polite. I could not ask for more.
Client Review of Alexey V. Manasuev from Oakville
Wendy Cee | Oakville | September 12, 2016
My experiences with this organization have been positive. My questions were answered completely and my returns were prepared accurately at all times.
Client Review of Branislav Vucen, CPA from Oakville
Wendy Cee | Oakville | September 12, 2016
My experiences with this organization have been positive. My questions were answered completely and my returns were prepared accurately at all times.
Client Review of Roger Lubiens, RTRP from Folsom, CA (2 Client Reviews)
Ronald Muschetto | Placerville, CA | September 11, 2016
Outstanding and trustworthy!!
Client Review of Jason Rodriguez from Bronx, NY (3 Client Reviews)
Jeudy Grullon | Bronx, NY | September 8, 2016
I've been a customer of Jason Rodriguez for 5+ years now and have always been satisfied with his work and professionalism. He is very experienced, reliable and knowledgeable and it shows in his work and his ability to to answer any questions I may have. With Jason, I know my tax return is in good hands.
Client Review of Kyle Addington from Glendale, AZ (3 Client Reviews)
Jim Wilden | Litchfield Park, AZ | September 6, 2016
I use to prepare my own tax returns using turbo tax. After I completed my tax return in 2012, I was even more confused and concerned that I had messed up because we moved from Colorado to Arizona. Kyle had the return audited and I had missed several deductions. Now, they do my personal return, my business return and my kid's return(s) as well. I have and will always trust his knowledge and judgement. Thanks.
Client Review of Melinda J. Owens, CPA from Greenfield, IN (5 Client Reviews)
Bethann Kropacek | Greenfield, IN | September 6, 2016
Mendy does a wonderful job for our organization! Her services for our organization include bookkeeping, tax preparation (990), balance sheet preparation, and payroll. Mendy has been invaluable to our organization with her extensive accounting and tax knowledge. We value her greatly and look forward to many more years with her!
Client Review of Enid Gonzalez De La Rosa from Cayey, PR
Sonia Graham | Cayey, PR | September 5, 2016
Excellent!!!! Answered all of my questions and clear my doubts Will highly recommend
Client Review of Michael R. McCoy, EA, SRTP from Camarillo, CA
Rebecca Palmer | Thousand Oaks, CA | September 3, 2016
M.R. McCoy has been my financial planner and tax service provider since my first year of teaching, twenty years ago. He and his family have guided me in making good decisions in planning for my retirement. At first, I started putting a small amount into my retirement each month because that is what I could afford at the time. Now, I put a decent amount into my retirement each month so I can retire earlier than 66 years of age and have the financial freedom to comfortably travel and live after that. Relying solely on social security ,PERS or STRS, after retirement is unrealistic. In today's economy, an individual nor a family can do this. Robert has given me me a sense of better security in my future due to his guidance. He also helped me create a living will so these investments can be redirected to my family appropriately if I were to die. M.R. McCoy's family run services have provided me with peace of mind when it comes to controlling my financial future. I am very thankful and highly recommend them for anyone who wants to be in control, rather than be controlled, by the economy and procedures of our nation.
Client Review of Rosalia Turner, CPA from Chicago, IL
Patrice McDonald | Homewood, IL | September 1, 2016
Rose Turner has been my accountant for over nine years she's well experience in was she does very knowledgeable and passionate. I trust her advice and suggestions.
Client Review of Mahad Mohamed from Newmarket (13 Client Reviews)
John Smith | Buffalo, NY | August 28, 2016
I have been using Mahad as my tax professional for a couple of years. Every year my experience is as smooth as I could imagine. Mahad is always helpful and willing to give you his time when needed. During our session, I was able to speak to all different levels of detail and felt pretty comfortable with Mahad’s knowledge and advice. I will definitely recommend Mahad to anyone who needs help in taxation.
Client Review of Robert Takyi, EA, RTRP from Brooklyn, NY (2 Client Reviews)
Jerry Frimpong | Brooklyn, NY | August 5, 2016
Mr. Robert Takyi of Liberty General Services, has been my tax advice and tax prepare for the past 12 years. His work and advice has been conducted in a highly professional and satisfactory manner. He has a broad knowledge of the tax laws and thus a creative problem-solver He has been most helpful to me in providing information and advice on how to save for the future. I took his advice to sign up for the 401K program at my work and this not only helped to reduce my tax payments but also gave me a big tax deferred savings. I have recommended him to many of my friends who are all equally satisfied with his knowledge and professionalism. I can recommend Mr. Takyi with complete confidence.. Jerry Frimpong
Client Review of Rodney K. Lamb from Dallas, TX (82 Client Reviews)
Shante Kimble | Rosharon, TX | July 26, 2016
I am extremely pleased with the level of service I received from Truth Induced Financial Services. All of my questions were answered in a timely fashion and I was provided with a wealth of information. Because of them, I finally found the courage to get my EIN and open a business account and really put my plan in motion. 5 Star Service all the way!
Client Review of Sunil K. Sharma, RTRP from Seattle, WA (3 Client Reviews)
Nitasha Mago | Seattle, WA | July 22, 2016
Mr.Sunil Sharma is by far one of the most knowledgeable, professional and truly invested people I have ever worked with. His willingness to go the extra mile to ensure his client's fully understand any areas of ambiguity with their taxes is truly noteworthy. I'm certain this is the start to a long and professional relationship between Mr.Sunil Sharma and I as the genuine, personable and occasionally humorous experience I had with him allows me to be comfortable asking questions and openly speaking about my finances.
Client Review of Dionne R. Cheshier-Krabbe, EA from Irving, TX
Kimberly Coleman | Fort Worth, TX | July 21, 2016
Ms. Krabbe has prepared our taxes for the past six years, and her service is stellar. Her knowledge base of tax laws is extensive, preparation is careful, and counsel is sound. We highly recommend Ms. Krabbe. She is trustworthy.
Client Review of Hassan Awada, EA from Dearborn, MI
Mirena Ala | Dearborn, MI | July 19, 2016
Hassan is a great accountant. He takes the time to help you and answer any questions you may have. He did my taxes in a timely manner. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy. I have recommended him to other family members and friends.
Client Review of Fred Katz, EA from Woodland Hills, CA (2 Client Reviews)
Derek Ward | Woodland Hills, CA | July 12, 2016
I was never skeptic of Fred's ability to assist me with my tax liability situation. However, I had no idea that he would be able to achieve what he did! I had outstanding tax debts spanning more than a decade totaling an amount of more than $200,000. Fred was able to get this entire balance settled for less than $20K, and with a five month payment plan! His associates always kept me well informed and are all very knowledgeable. I would recommend Fred Katz at RUSH TAX RESOLUTION to all those who are looking for someone to trust with the resolution of their tax situation. Call Fred today! Call him now!
Client Review of Kader M. Jawali Ameen, CAA, EA from London (7 Client Reviews)
Margaret Crowley | Rainham | July 12, 2016
I contacted Kader Ameen earlier this year in connection with obtaining an ITIN number and reclaiming tax from the IRS. The meeting arrangements were very informal and friendly but very professional. Fees were agreed in advance at competitive rates. Ther service was very professional and I was kept informed along the way. Very satisified with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ameens' company to friends and relatives in the future.
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