Retirement Planning

1 Active participant - retirement plan designation 2 Are my estate planning fees deductible? 3 Are the trustee fees that I pay to manage my IRA deductible? 4 Can I elect to use averaging on my current year lump-sum distribution? 5 Can I leave my retirement funds with the company I left when I changed to another job? 6 Deadline to set up Retirement Plan 7 Do I pay capital gains on my IRA account distribution ? 8 Does Medicare cover Long Term care insurance ? 9 Have the Pension Plan Limits increased in 2013? 10 How do I apply for Medicare? 11 How do I contact Medicare ? 12 How do I enroll in Medicare ? 13 How much is my social security benefits reduced if I am younger than 65 and earn wages ? 14 I'm a government worker and am thinking about retiring. I have contributed to a 457 Plan and want to know what my options are for taking this money? 15 If I am eligible for Social Security Disability benefits , am I also eligible for Medicare benefits ? 16 In relation to retirement, what is a Defined benefit plan? 17 Is a 457 withdrawal prior to turning age 59 1/2 subject to the 10% early withdrawal penalty ? 18 Is Form 2031 the form an exempted minister uses to re-elect social security coverage ? 19 Is my spouse entitled to a share of my 401(k) retirement account when I get divorced? 20 Is there a listing available for choosing a nursing home ? 21 Is there a mandatory minimum withholding tax amount on my retirement plan distribution? 22 is there a time limit on how long I can receive social security Disability benefits ? 23 Is there a website with Roth IRA information and to calculate a Roth IRA ? 24 Minister - elects exempt from social security 25 What are some advantages of a SEP , Simplified Employee Pension Plan ? 26 What are some benefits of a Roth IRA? 27 What are some benefits of a SIMPLE plan ? 28 What are the 4 basic components of Medicare ? 29 What is a 401(K) plan ? 30 What is a 457 Plan? 31 What is a Defined Benefit plan ? 32 What is a Keogh plan ? 33 What is a Roth IRA ? 34 What is an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) ? 35 What is an IRA prohibited transaction? 36 What is Medicaid ? 37 What is the penalty rate on a SIMPLE plan withdrawal in the fist year ? 38 What is the roll-over period for a pension distribution? 39 What is the special enrollment period for Medicare? 40 When I get divorced , will I lose my Medicare coverage ? 41 When is the special enrollment period for Medicare Part B ? 42 Where can I get a list of the impairments that Social Security considers to be disabling ? 43 Who can I contact to assist me in getting my vested pension money from my past employer ? 44 Will a transfer of assets to an Inter Vivos Irrevocable Trust automatically create a 60 month period of ineligibility for Medicaid ? 45 Will I receive an annual report from my bank detailing my IRA ? 46 Will my $14,000 gift to my grandson effect my Medicaid eligibility ? 47 Will my retirement pension from my work reduce the amount of my Social Security benefit ?

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