1 Are the medical insurance payments that my husband's former employer is paying for me as a surviving spouse taxable to me? 2 Are there different Medicare health plans I can choose from? 3 Can I avoid paying ( PMI ) private mortgage insurance ? 4 Can I avoid the early withdrawal penalties if I want to end my cash value life insurance? 5 COBRA coverage - disabled persons 6 Do I need auto insurance ? 7 Do I need life insurance? 8 Does Medicare cover Long Term Care insurance ? 9 Does the COBRA law apply to all companies that have twenty or more employees ? 10 Former employer - Cobra denial 11 How can I get a copy of my medical information file that was used to deny me medical insurance? 12 How can I lower the cost of life insurance ? 13 How long is the COBRA coverage for a survivibg spouse ? 14 If I did not file an Insurance claim, can I still claim a deduction on my tax return? 15 In an insurance policy , what is a Living Benefit ? 16 In an insurance policy , what is a Revocable Beneficiary ? 17 In reference to insurance , what is a Guaranteed Renewable policy ? 18 In reference to insurance , what is an Elimination period ? 19 In the insurance industry , what is Double Indemnity ? 20 In the insurance industry , what is an Incontestable Clause ? 21 In the insurance industry , what is Guaranteed Insurability ? 22 Insurance industry - what is an Underwriter? 23 Insurance payments made for embezzlement - deductible? 24 Insurance premiums - paid by employer 25 Is life insurance deductible? 26 Is my doctor's malpractice insurance deductible ? 27 Is term insurance better than whole life insurance ? 28 Is the $200,000 I received as the beneficiary of my mother's life insurance policy taxable to me? 29 is the amount I pay for life insurance deductible ? 30 Is the amount of my health care flexible spending account that I did not use get carried forward to next year ? 31 Is the exchange of one insurance policy for another one taxable ? 32 Is the exchange of one life insurance policy for another one taxable? 33 Is the insurance reimbursement for excess living costs when the fire made me vacate my house taxable? 34 Is the long term disability I am receiving taxable ? 35 Is the payment I received from my work injury in which I lost the use of my hand taxable to me ? 36 Is there a limit on the length of time that Social Security Disability benefits will last? 37 Is there a way to lessen the ( PMI ) Private Mortgage Insurance amount ? 38 Should I consider buying Long Term healthcare insurance ? 39 What are the 2 components of Medicare ? 40 What are the benefits of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ? 41 What are the tax advantages of life insurance ? 42 What does Homeowners Insurance cover ? 43 What does the Cash Surrender Value in my insurance policy mean? 44 What health benefits must my employer provide if I am 65 or older and still working? 45 What is a ( Section 125 ) Cafeteria plan ? 46 What is a Actuarial Evaluation ? 47 What is a Reverse Mortgage ? 48 What is a split dollar insurance policy ? 49 What is a Variable Annuity ? 50 What is an Accelerated Death Benefit as it relates to insurance? 51 What is an Annuity ? 52 What is COBRA ? 53 What is hospital indemnity insurance ? 54 What is Inflation Protection as it relates to Insurance policies? 55 What is Medicaid ? 56 What is Mortgage Title insurance ? 57 What is single premium life insurance ? 58 What is Term Life Insurance ? 59 What is the average cost of a nursing home stay a year ? 60 What is the difference between Disability insurance and Worker's Compensation ? 61 What is the Federal Government's Flood Insurance phone number ? 62 What is the PACE program? 63 What is uninsured motorist coverage? 64 What is Universal Life Insurance ? 65 What is Whole Life Insurance ? 66 What is Workers Compensation ? 67 When buying home insurance, which options should I include? 68 Why do I have to pay Worker's Compensation for independent contractors ? 69 Will a transfer of assets to an Inter Vivos Irrevocable Trust automatically create a 60 month period of ineligibility for Medicaid ? 70 Will I receive a tax form due to the 401(k) distribution I took out this year?

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