What are the 2 components of Medicare ?

Medicare is a national health insurance program for people ages 65+, or younger individuals with certain disabilities. Like most other insurance programs, Original Medicare does not pay for all health care costs. You must pay for deductibles, premiums, coinsurance or copayments. Original Medicare - which includes Parts A and B - does not pay for long term care, extended stays in nursing homes or coverage when outside of the country. Coverage gaps like these are why some people choose to buy additional coverage. You have choices with how you receive Medicare. The first of which is whether to go with Original Medicare or with a Medicare Advantage plan. Once you determine how to receive your primary coverage, you should consider options for prescription drug coverage. Many Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage - you can also enroll in a Medicare Part D plan as an alternative. The options you choose affect the cost and level of your coverage. Go to for more information.

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