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Rhonda Rennemeyer, EA

Ogden, UT

Ogden, UT
March 29, 2023

The process started out good, I went to the main H&R Block Website and clicked on Start Taxes w/ a Tax Pro which stated *Starting at 85$ - I thought that was an appropriate response and so I decided to proceed. Upon going through the process I was asked through H&R Blocks' account screen (Chat Message) to provide various details and other things so I provided these documents. Upon completion of these taxes being prepared by Rhonda Rennemeyer I went into my account to "Approve" my taxes and came to find a bill for 275$ (not 85$). I called the office and spoke to Rhonda Rennemeyer to question the pricing and my bill of services and I was told "it depends on the website you went to, the forms needed and the services needed to complete your taxes, I don't even know what website you went to and what services you needed for the programs I use, I don't even know what ones until I put in the information" I proceeded by asking some further questions of "why are the prices different than what I was told..." and I was repeatedly interrupted and hurried off the phone to the point where I could actually tell by Rhonda Rennemeyer's voice that she had no interest in speaking to me regarding my questions anymore and almost seemed irritated or "over it" when I had further questions. I began to be irritated with the lack of professionalism from her lackluster communication etiquette and was further interrupted and cut off and so I decided to express how I feel it is very unprofessional and rude to treat someone like this...being impatient and hurrying them off the phone when they are asking questions regarding their services that are being asked of for 275$. I was repeatedly told "well you can deny the services and that will be that and this can be done" over and over I heard this line as if she basically was saying to me "i don't care, just get off the phone if you don't like the price" - I was really shocked by the way Rhonda Rennemeyer was speaking, the hurried responses and interrupting Rhonda Rennemeyer was consistently putting into the conversation and I just feel as a consumer, this is the last way someone wants to be treated. I told her "I will never use H&R Block again if this is the way consumers are treated" which I was interrupted while saying and she responded with "That's fine..." and then she proceeded to (to me anyway) blame the way my taxes had to be done because I have two (2) states involved. I am extremely dissapointed in the way I was treated, I ended up hanging up on her at the end of the phone call because she was continuing to express how it was almost my fault and that "I don't have to accept if I don't want to pay" when I was calling to simply understand the bill and request an invoice to see pricing for the exact services she was providing. I do not care or wish to be spoken to in this way as a consumer who is potentially spending upwards of almost 300$ for services when I am made to feel guilty and hurried off the phone because I have questions. I was simply trying to understand my bill and instead, I felt shamed for it and that "i can go find someone else to do my taxes" - this is H&R Block? First and last time I will ever use this business for anything if this is what they allow their customers/consumers to be treated as. Do Not Recommend for any services.