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Larinda Ray

Wylie, TX

Fort Worth, TX
March 16, 2019

Please do NOT go to this woman. She Is incredibly unprofessional and she doesn’t know what she’s doing nor does she understand her tax software. She made major mistakes on my return. For one she put my sons name wrong on the return, and when I brought it to her attention she claimed she could fix it right away, but the IRS had already accepted it. You can’t just “fix” a return electronically filed, you have to AMEND with a 1040X. She sent over by email another version of the return with my sons name corrected, but that was fraudulent because she only edited the document that she fixed in her end, she never edited what was actually sent electronically. Also, because of missing forms, I ended up getting delayed and I didn’t get the credits she “claimed” she was able to get me. Let me say this: I only went to her because I was told that she was able to get me back more money. False. She claimed a credit that I didn’t even qualify for, and I was disallowed that amount after the IRS put my refund on Hold to investigate. When I called them this is what they said: She didn’t include Form 8962 to accompany my 1095A and because Of that, the refund amount she gave me did NOT account for the $600 repayment of the premium tax credit. When I brought this to her attention she asked me why I am so upset about something I have no control over. Because it’s MY MONEY and YOU screwed it up. YOU had control and YOU didn’t take accountability. Then she tells me that she had this problem with 10 other clients last year and 8 of them had the same problem this year. Could you not have told me that before I filed with you??? She then lied and said she did put it with my return but that there was a glitch in her software and that it wasn’t her fault, that the documents got caught in a software hanger. There’s no GLITCH in software that’ll cause entire critical documents to be left off!!!! She charged $400 for her service and $40 for a document prep fee. Once I saw the IRS reduced my refund by $1615, I went and plugged in my numbers on TurboTax to see what it said I’d get back. The amount TurboTax said was the exact amount that the IRS determined my refund was. So after almost a month of being delayed, because of her mistake, I finally get my return and there’s $532 missing. She said her fee was only $400. She said she didn’t know where I got that amount from. Therefore, I had to hunt down and research where the hell the other $132.90 in fees came from since she acted like she didn’t know. After calling around and speaking with Tax Products, I found out the $440 goes in her pocket, there was a software fee, a bank fee, and a direct deposit fee. She did not disclose ANY OF THIS AT FIRST. Now I would have hoped that because of HER MISTAKE that she would at LEAST reduce her fee, she did not. She originally said that it’s not negotiable which I wasn’t happy about. Her fee reflects services that were done half-assed and fraudulently and you think you deserve the full fee?? No way. So when I explained to her why I felt the way I did, she called me wit a horrible attitude going off on me as if I’m the one who did her wrong. Bottom line is she is extremely unprofessional, unaware of her software, she’s evasive and doesn’t tell you e writhing she needs to know, she’s fraudulent, and if she screws up that’s too bad because she won’t reduce her fee. I would’ve come out better paying $40 for TurboTax to do my damn taxes!!!! Because of her experience, I no longer trust tax preparers and I will NEVER allow anyone else touch my taxes again.
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Wesendes Saint Fleur

West Palm Beach, FL

Vero Beach, FL
March 15, 2019

Wesendes Saint Fleur done my taxes for a few years now. He fraudulently filed my taxes with a 2017 and a 2018 tax return in one year of filing he also tried to file for more fees to be taken out of my return he has stolen My ssn an my son info he has not helped me resolve this matter he has blocked me form his business number an mobile number. I have spoken to the irs an found out he an someone else added my 2017 and 2018 an to one return I don’t understand why as a tax preparer would conduct in such manner the irs agents explain to me I had to admen my return an I would need to have a tax advocate help me . When my tax advocate contact me I three way the call with Mr. Wesendes Saint Fleur he also agreed that he made the mistake on my admen return an he would explain so in the document that’s been proved to the irs. I came to the conclusion He Wesendes Saint Fleur did not do anything the tax advocate advised both me an the tax preparer to do to have the irs release he founds o had to take my admen return to JACKSON Hewitt an had Mrs.Karal look over it an fix it form me before I over night my admen return to the irs Mr. Wesendes Saint Fleur Has I then went to the BBB an made a report both on Mr.Wesendes Saint Fleur and Darline Emmanuel both are fraudulent tax preparers who’s are knowingly making false tax preparation if anyone can asst me with this matter an help me resolve this issue he has not only cause hardship for me an my son he has not been there for me as a customer to resolve my situation with my 2017 admen return an my 2018 admen return