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Kristi L. Smith, EA

Puyallup, WA

Puyallup, WA
May 19, 2020

Three words! Overcharging, Non Responsive, Indolent. I paid Kristi Smith in 2016 to file my 2015 business tax and she never gave me a file. I NEVER heard back from her, never a response to emails or voicemails. They NEVER answer the phone. If you leave a message, no one will call you back. To date, May 2020, I haven’t managed to get hold of her, I actually had to investigate to find out anything about the business, it’s all very obscure. This lack of cooperation made ABSOLUTELY no sense, there was never any kind of dispute or unpleasant interactions. Only today I am starting to investigate something very dark that crossed my mind: the ONLY reason this would make any sense would be the fact that she never actually filed any tax for us , so she doesn’t have it and just scammed us out of $580.00 for a relatively simple return, and for which I never paid over $250.00 before. I'm also looking into that now. After much research I obtained her cell number - left message and texted- dead silence. I am now looking into filing lawsuit against her personally as well as Cedar River Accounting, DBA Making Cents. Footnote: there are some similar complaints against her on web reviews. I honestly don’t believe this person should have access to anyone’s sensitive personal data and should be barred from practicing accounting or bookkeeping; therefore I won’t rest until she’s held accountable for the harm she caused me and most likely many others. This is precious time to me that I am spending hunting her down and writing reviews, and it makes me mad. Please steer clear of!!!!