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Client Review of

John M. Hart, CPA

Coronado, CA

Beverly Hills, CA
May 12, 2021

For the record John Hart gets NO STARS. If you want to watch your family's estate get mismanaged away and watch your family fall victim to undue influence and fraud, John Hart is the CPA/Trust Manager for you. He will deny you of your beneficiary rights when serving as your Trustee, he does no required reporting, not annually, not quarterly, you will have no idea what's going on but that's how he intents it, good luck getting him to hand over documents you are entitled to, he forces you to file petitions in court to view records of everything so he can bill for it, He only works for the money and himself, he's not transparent, getting money owed to you or payments on time from him is like pulling teeth, he loses distribution payments or they go missing or arrive way way later than they should, he doesn't update all beneficiaries on changes, he plays favor toward the beneficiary in charge and doesnt even try to hide it, and overall for me and my family he failed to act in good faith as or Trustee. Once we suspected him of it, instead of handing us documents and letting us check out what he does he lawyered up and went back to ignoring all attempts to make contact with him, without going to court. who knows if we'll come out of this alive financially and literally. The stress on my family has been so intense a pain not healed and caused by a predatory estate manager who refuses to answer to the people who's money they use to pay themselves fees to control. It's sickening.
Client Review of

Laura Ornelas Vasquez, EA

Palm Springs, CA

Palm Desert, CA
May 11, 2021

Absolutely unprofessional. We contacted Laura at the end of January to help prepare our cross border tax return. We gave her copies of our passports, receipts, and many other pieces of confidential information. Once submitted, we did not hear back from her. My husband made numerous attempts to get in contact with her via telephone and email and still no response. As we needed to get our ITNs quickly so that we could file our taxes on time, plus the fact that she had all of our personal information, had us starting to get quite worried. I'm so glad we kept every email and phone call ever made to this person. Finally in March, after many voice messages and emails, she finally responded saying that she had received everything we sent but that she had been busy, hence the delay in responding. When asked about our ITNs, she said that the application was sent in. Again, we waited and waited to no avail. In April we had to go back to Canada because our time in the U.S. was up. Once back in Canada, the phone calls and emails to see what was going on continued. No response again. Finally,when raised with management in May,my husband received an email saying g they could not open any of the emails he had sent in the previous 5 months. Really?? You're just telling us now? So, my husband said heed send everything again and waited to hear back. A week later, no response. Finally, May 10th we get an email saying that now that we are back in Canada, they can no longer deal with us. So, over a 5 month period, we sent them all of our most personal information, numerous emails and made numerous phone calls, all to be abruptly dropped from their roster, so to speak. We still have no ITNs, which means we're going to be months behind in filing our tax returns with the IRS, and we may be penalized as a result. I have never in my life dealt with a more immature, unprofessional person and organization. I will be making a complaint with the state regarding this individual. Again, I'm so glad we kept every bit of communication and every phone call ever made to Laura and H&R Block in Palm Springs.