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Yechezkael Landa, CPA

Brooklyn, NY

Chester, NY
July 17, 2024

I called this firm and spoke with “Chesky” Landau explaining I’d gotten an extension and needed taxes finished and filed once I’d recieved K1s from two trusts. They asked for all the info, I sent them everything spending much time,Cole ting and sending them K1s past taxes, charity information etc. I didn’t hear from them so I called to ask if they’re doing them or not so I can get someone else as it’s something I need done. The person I spoke with, I don’t have the name, although I did record the conversation covertly as I always do with business with someone new when they’re in one party consent states I’m sure have it on that recordings but he said sure we’re doing them and that they’ll will be done by the end of the week. That would have been last Friday, I never heard from them. I couldn’t find any reviews and started to worry they may be not credible, it’s very hard to find an address for them online and I saw what looks like other business, and then I sent another mail 3 days ago asking another accounting question about deductibles and never got a reply to that either from them. Yesterday I made an offer on a property in Florida for an investment which has very high fees so when the realtor said speak to your accountant to find out about the deductions , realized, I have no accountant to call to ask about the fees and if they’re tax deductible of I rent it out. Because they don’t return calls or emails. Then I realized they are not only not replying or finishing my taxes as promised, they now had all my personal information which they asked for , then asked for more and more and more. I’m not sure what they wanted it for I do know that are a lot of people who sell that information so I have no idea what they wanted it all for but have taken precautions and had to hire a private investigator to get the names of the employees and information about them so in case down the road they should sell my information. Maybe they’re more professional with people from their community, I don’t know and I don’t cares whatever the reason they’re in my opinion a disgrace.
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Florice G. Gregory, CPA

Jacksonville, FL

Colorado Springs, CO
July 7, 2024

This has been the worst and most unethical business/personal experience I have ever been involved with. This team completely failed to do my taxes, never took accountability, and then naturally are going to bully me, and set me up for failure, when ALLLLL of the blame needs to be on these two sisters. Taking advantage of me, is an understatement. They are involved with a group program called WealthAbility. So, I a young naive entrepreneur spent over $18,000 to be involved in a program that is a lifetime contract and partners you with a CPA, sure they are going to comment below on how I can probably find someone else... but it's July and I have been asking about these taxes since January. I filled our their portal and told them April 11th. I had to then follow up, May 15th, and again July 4th asking if they had filed my taxes since I heard from the state, I didn't. I have every email, every correspondence, everything. The quick summery will be below. But, here is how they easily took advantage of me, and now left me out to dry. During the couple of meetings I did have with them. They mentioned how in the past people have gotten their money back from the weathability side, and it really hurts their company since they have to return the funds. Hearing that... should have been my red flag. I kept going, I never hear from them, I always have to follow up... but clearly they don't care since they were already paid and I'm not an organic customer. Who knows if I will get my money back, but now they are simply refusing to do my taxes because I am being "rude". Here are the exact things I emailed them.. "This is horrific customer service... do you need a direct order on how to procedd with my taxes, if so file separately... I did say multiple times, I am not the accountant, I don't know how to exactly to file. They of course said I am rude, and to go find another service. Well sadly, I already spent $18,000 and received nothing besides yep.... horrific customer service. The actual issue. Florice, the owner responded to an email in January about how they would look over all my numbers and determine if I should file married, married filling separate etc. She said they would look at the numbers to make the determination. March 17th I asked for the portal to be sent, and again on April 1st. I also explained more of my financial situation. I finally got the portal, and within 3 days completed it and emailed them I did so. Nothing, until two follows later, in July I find out they didn't do it, and Gracelyn asks... not only not admitting fault, but tries to blame me because it the portal we specified how we wanted to file... I have literally an email saying they would help determine... but why wasn't this told to us in April. Instead, they set up their defense, make me the bad guy.. they don't even say sorry we screwed up and never go it.. but they say you're rude. Go elsewhere... Awesome. You are so unethical it's mind blowing. You have every chance to simply help and fix YOUR mistake. Instead, this is the service. Thanks...