Incorporation Services

1 Are there annual tax filings if I incorporate ? 2 Can my Delaware Corporation and Delaware Limited Liability Companies do business in other states? 3 Do I need a CPA to incorporate my business ? 4 Do I need to publish in a newspaper a notice of incorporation ? 5 Does a corporate name have to include a suffix ? 6 Does a corporation have to issue stock ? 7 Does one stock certificate represent one share of stock ? 8 How many officers and directors does a corporation need to have ? 9 How many persons are needed to form an limited liability company , LLC ? 10 In the incorporation process , what are the Articles of Incorporation ? 11 In the incorporation process , what are the bylaws ? 12 In the incorporation process , what is the minute book ? 13 In what state do I incorporate ? 14 Is there a fee for reserving a name when incorporating ? 15 Must I file a D.B.A. ( Doing Business As ) certificate? 16 What are the benefits of incorporation ? 17 What are the components of a Corporations Bylaws ? 18 What are the requirements for foreign ownership of a U.S. company ? 19 What filings ( papers ) are necessary to incorporate ? 20 What filings ( papers ) are required to form an limited liability company, LLC ? 21 What function does the Incorporator perform? 22 What is a Corporate Officer? 23 What is a Corporation's Board of Directors ? 24 What is a General C Corporation ? 25 What is a Limited Partnership ? 26 What is a nonprofit corporation ? 27 What is a Registered Agent ? 28 What is an Subchapter S Corporation ? 29 What is Par Value ? 30 What is the average state filing fee for incorporation?? 31 What is the difference between a Corporation and a Limited Liability Company ? 32 What is the difference between Authorized and Issued shares of stock ? 33 What is the difference between Co, Inc and Ltd ? 34 What should the Board of Directors do at their first meeting? 35 When I incorporate , will it prevent others from using my company's name ? 36 Who owns a corporation after it is incorporated ? 37 Why do fees for incorporating vary from state to state so dramatically? 38 Why do many people recommend incorporating in Delaware or Nevada ? 39 Why should I Incorporate in Delaware ?

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