Business Start-ups

1 Are my business start-up costs deductible as current operating expenses? 2 Are small businesses using the Internet ? 3 Are some business locations better than others ? 4 Are there any federal agencies designed to help small businesses ? 5 Are there any organizations available to help me and my small business . I heard of a SCORE Association ? 6 Are there any tax incentives in hiring a person with a disability ? 7 Are there companies that provide search services to ascertain if a new company name will infringe on an existing name or trademark ? 8 As a self-employed individual , how long should I keep my records ? 9 As an employer , what are some questions that I should not ask on a job interview ? 10 By what date must I as the employer issue W-2 forms to my employees ? 11 Can I claim a Home Office deduction ? 12 Can I claim a home office expense? 13 Can I get a business loan if my business is service based with little business collateral ? 14 Can I use the Cash method of accounting in my Liquor business ? 15 Can me and my wife be a Sole Proprietorship ? 16 Do I need to get a Copyright for my business invention ? 17 Do I need to open a separate bank account ? 18 Form 8109 - depository coupons 19 Gifts - business gift limitation 20 How do I register for sales tax and determine on what to charge? 21 How do I calculate the amount of the advanced earned income amount to include in an employee's paycheck ? 22 How do I decide on wage levels ? 23 How do I define my customers ? 24 How do I pay myself? 25 How do I set price levels ? 26 How do I set up the right record keeping system for my business ? 27 I am starting a business and don't know what type of entity I should select to be. Should I incorporate ? 28 I am starting a business with my best friend. Do we need a formal agreement ? 29 I started a new business . Where do I find information on how to file Forms W-2 ? 30 In reference to small businesses , what is the DUNS ( Data Universal Numbering System ) ? 31 Is my personal credit history considered for a business loan ? 32 Is there a web site that will give me a listing of accounting and tax software packages available on the Internet ? 33 Should I make a S Corporation Election ? 34 Web site available to help small businesses 35 What accounting method should I use- Accrual or Cash ? 36 What are some advantages and disadvantages of selecting to be a C Corporation compared to other entities? 37 What are some advantages and disadvantages of selecting to be a Limited Liability Company (LLC) compared to other entities? 38 What are some advantages and disadvantages of selecting to be a Partnership compared to other entities? 39 What are some advantages and disadvantages of selecting to be a S Corporation compared to other entities? 40 What are some advantages and disadvantages of selecting to be a Sole Proprietorship compared to other entities? 41 What Department of Labor signs or posters must be placed in conspicuous locations at my business site? 42 What do I need to open a bank account for my new business? 43 What does a fiscal year mean? 44 What does marketing involve? 45 What expenses are deductible in my home office? 46 What federal form is the Federal Unemployment Tax reported on ? 47 What financial responsibilities do I have for my employees ? 48 What form do I file to apply for an Employer Identification Number ( EIN ) ? 49 What form do I file to apply for the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System ( EFTPS ) ? 50 What forms should an employer ask an independent contractor to fill out ? 51 What is a Business Plan for a new business ? 52 What is a franchise ? 53 What is a Limited Liability Company and what are its tax advantages? 54 What is forecasting ? 55 What is the current year's minimum hourly wage amount? 56 What is the Department of Labor's website address ? 57 What is the IRS phone number to get an EIN Employer Identification Number ? 58 What is the IRS publication that explains home office expenses? 59 What is the IRS web site address ? 60 What is Workers Compensation ? 61 What legal aspects should I consider when starting a new business ? 62 What options do I have beside keeping money in a low interest rate savings account ? 63 What options do I have with the location of my business ? 64 What records should I keep to prove my business use of my automobile ? 65 What should I know about accounting and bookkeeping ? 66 When are business meals and entertainment expenses deductible ? 67 When do I make tax payments on my business? 68 When I buy a business , how is Goodwill determined ? 69 Where can I borrow money to start a business ? 70 Where can I get more information on hiring employees ? 71 Who should be on my board of directors ? 72 Why shouldn't I lease a car instead of buying it for my business, if it gives me a larger deduction than depreciation?

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