Bookkeeping & Write-up

1 Are the waiters that work for me required to report to me all the tips they earn for my tax reporting purposes? 2 Are wages paid to state government employees subject to the Federal Unemployment FUTA tax? 3 Can Form 940 be filed over the Internet ? 4 Can Form 941 or Form 944 be filed by phone ? 5 Can Form 941 or Form 944 be filed over the Internet ? 6 Can I file my federal unemployment tax using short Form 940-EZ? 7 Do I have to pay FUTA , Federal Unemployment taxes ? 8 Does a church pay FUTA , Federal Unemployment tax ? 9 Does the Social Security Administration offer a service to verify employees names and social security numbers? 10 Form 8109 -depository coupons 11 How do I amend Federal Unemployment Form 940 ? 12 How do I calculate the amount of the advanced earned income credit amount to include in an employee's paycheck? 13 How do I compute overtime for tipped employees ? 14 How do I prepare to get a business loan ? 15 How do I set up the right record keeping system for my business ? 16 How do I submit my federal payroll withholding to the IRS ? 17 I live in Georgia , where do I file Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return 941 ? 18 I received FUTA Federal Unemployment Form 940-EZ but I am not liable , what should I do ? 19 I started a new business . Where do I find information on how to file Forms W-2 ? 20 If I filed Form 941 via the Internet or by phone, should I also mail in the paper form? 21 In my balance sheet , what accounts are classified as current assets ? 22 In my balance sheet , what accounts are classified as liabilities ? 23 In my balance sheet , what accounts make up fixed assets ? 24 In the Social Security system , when did the Cost of Living Allowances ( COLA's ) start ? 25 My son works for me. Is he covered by Social Security ? 26 Should I file separate federal withholding Forms 941 because I have separate business locations ? 27 Social Security - Maximum taxable wages 28 What are examples of required accruals to adhere to the matching principal ? 29 What date must my company issue forms W-2 by? 30 What dates are the Federal Quarterly Forms 941 filed by? 31 What does the term Executor mean in respect to an estate tax return ? 32 What expenses should be capitalized? 33 What forms should my company ask an independent contractor to fill out ? 34 What information should be recorded when entering a transaction into a journal ? 35 What is a Balance Sheet ? 36 What is a Income Statement ? 37 What is a One - Write bookkeeping system ? 38 What is a Petty Cash account ? 39 What is a trial balance ? 40 What is an accounts receivable aging schedule ? 41 What is depreciation ? 42 What is depreciation or amortization ? 43 What is forecasting ? 44 What is kiting a check ? 45 What is the conservatism doctrine ? 46 What is the consistency criterion ? 47 What is the disclosure principle ? 48 What is the Double Entry bookkeeping accounting system ? 49 What is the first year limitation on expensing business equipment ? 50 What is the FUTA electronic filing requirement threshold for the year ? 51 What is the historical cost principle ? 52 What is the matching principal ? 53 What is the maximum withholding on wages for Medicare insurance ? 54 What is the realization concept ? 55 What is the Statement of Retained Earnings ? 56 What is the tax liability deposit threshold amount that I must deposit money in the bank instead of paying the amount with my quarterly 941 payroll reports ? 57 What should I know about bookkeeping and accounting when starting a business ? 58 What types of payments would require a Form 1099-MISC to be issued? 59 Who must sign Form 941 ?

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