The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Diane G. Kozuch, EA

Stuart, FL

West Palm Beach, FL
December 27, 2017

Short story: Unprofessional. Sometimes weeks without responses, and then rude when she would respond. 8 months filled with excuses and neglect followed by telling me she will not be completing my taxes and leaving me with little time to find someone else before the deadline. Long Story: Diane Kozuck agreed in April to do my taxes. She filed me an extension claiming she couldn't have it done before the April 18 deadline because she was so busy (Fine. I am a single woman with no property, but fine it happens. she'll have them done a week or two after, I assumed.) Diane then spent around 8 months of my life leading me on to believe my taxes were "almost done", "will be done by the end of the weekend", "No later than X date". After each timeframe stated in emails, she gave me an excuse as to why they weren't done (and that is if I could get an answer out of her at all, I would go literally WEEKS without hearing from her). 8 months into waiting for her to finish something that should take no more than a few hours, Diane tells me she has no guarantee she'll finalize my return or get paid for her "service" (assuming because she could tell I was upset? god forbid a client politely asks you to please respond with an overdue update) so she quit and said she won't be filing my taxes for me. That is putting it short, her email was rude and clearly emotional as they had been in the past and for no reason. She made excuses for 8 months and then gave up. I was courteous and gave her the benefit of the doubt with the constant personal life and software issue excuses she provided (at least 5 different excuses I counted and each I was patient and understanding about), but when you're clearly working with other clients and those excuses don't affect your work with them, it's pretty evident something is fishy. You can't lie and coverup your faults when it's well documented in emails. Please don't waste your time or money on "services" of Diane Kozuch.
Client Review of

Jeronica D. Dickson

North Richland Hills, TX

Arlington, TX
December 26, 2017

Ms. Jeronica D. Dickson billed us $350 for doing our 2016 taxes on August 8, 2017 through the Square Cash app. In good faith we paid her upfront (a big mistake). We saved all text conversations with her, and on August 28th, 2017, she said she had finished our taxes and stated that our refund was $6,980, and that she e-filed for us. On Sept. 16th, 2017, Ms. Dickson told us, after being asked about refund and documentation, that we should get refund the following week. We asked her to email a copy of the filing to us several times, but she never obliged us. We contacted her to send copy of filing again on Sept. 22, but received no response. On Sept 25th, we checked with the IRS again to see if she had filed and the IRS rep. said no taxes were filed. On Sept. 26th, she said she wanted to meet and that her Internet had been down. She never met us, and still hadn't emailed the filing. As of Oct. 2017, she still had not filed. We ended up filing taxes ourselves, purchasing H&R Block software from Amazon at the last minute, and filed on the last day of the filing extension, which was October 15, 2017. We have the IRS confirmation showing we submitted our taxes ourselves to the IRS, as well as confirmation that our return was accepted. We filed ourselves but paid $350 to "tax professional". We received our refund from IRS two weeks after we filed. We had no assistance from Ms. Dickson. She is very unprofessional and charged us for a service she did not provide. SHE CHEATED US OUT OF OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY. SHE IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY. BEWARE!!!