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Keith M. Altamirano, AFSP

Vancouver, WA

Oregon City, OR
June 1, 2020

I contacted Keith through a friend of mine who is also a client and I was in kind of a bind. I needed to file my 2018 and 2019 taxes and was in a rush to do so because of the stimulus check that was going to be circulating. I informed him of my concerns and that I was rushing to try and hit the deadline and he reassured me that filing on April 1 should be plenty of time to get my taxes both submitted and processed so that I could get the stimulus check on April 15. Instead of electronically filing my taxes he submitted them via mail, and here I am still nine weeks later and they haven’t even started to process my federal tax return. I don’t have my tax return, I don’t have the stimulus check, and Unemployment is still in a stalemate so I have nothing to survive off of which is what I was trying to set up when I first went to Keith. It’s not Keith’s fault for the economic crisis, however, his negligence in handling my taxes could almost be perceived as malpractice. I could have both my tax return and the stimulus to survive off of while Unemployment deals with the overflow of applications. Now to this day I have tried to contact him three other times and he ignores my messages. I’ve never been unkind, I always greet him with, good morning or good afternoon, and when he did respond I replied with a, thank you. I can only assume he realizes how horribly he messed up and he’s ashamed to respond to me. I reached back out to the friend who referred me and asked the friend to reach out to him and Keith has been ignoring my friend as well. Extremely unsatisfied and I’m not one to usually leave reviews but when someone truly understands the critical situation that I described and his response was to submit official paperwork by snail mail, it makes me seriously wonder about his work ethic.
Client Review of

Durenda D. Sharp

Bethany, OK

Oklahoma City, OK
May 29, 2020

Avoid tax preparation business with Dee (Durenda) Sharp in Mustang, Oklahoma! When Dee is questioned with unreasonably high pricing, her response is "You Get What You Pay For" even though she took 28 days to finish one year of taxes for our micro small business with no employees (4-8 hours of work total). I had already done the weeks of work to prep a 40 page spreadsheet and complete the totals so that the process was smooth as possible for her. The fact that this is a pandemic and Dee knew our business was hit hard with the shutdown and she still price gauged us on top of it all is a testament to who she is as a person lacking empathy and lacking a moral compass to do what’s right by other people. I hope to help just one family out by reading this to avoid the level of stress and frustration this has caused my family. To make matters worse, Dee was completely unconcerned with it being a pandemic and our need to file quickly for our stimulus checks. She did not clearly state that it would take her a month to do this once all info was in her hands or we would have gone elsewhere. She did not clearly state her rate in total dollars terms either verbally or in writing or we would have balked and gone elsewhere. Dee will take your documents and hold them as ransom and force you to pay any amount she decides sounds good for her wallet. She says her rates are non-negotiable and flat out refuses to acknowledge, apologize, take responsibility, or adjust her rate for an inexcusable three weeks of her ghosting and not completing her work. She will come up with one or two things to ask you about weeks after her job should have been done and then tell you over and over that she has been waiting on YOU! This is clearly gaslighting her clients and it’s a premeditated holding of your property. I’m certain that not disclosing rates and then doubling fees while holding documents as collateral is ethical business practice. I would not wish this experience (especially during a pandemic) on anyone! From April 30th to May 3rd, I sent Dee all of the documents needed to finish one year of taxes. It should have only taken her a matter of a few hours to get my taxes done. At every turn, my questions went unanswered, Dee was condescending, and she purposefully kept me in the dark on the proper way to do this instead of telling me how to best prepare them for her needs. Over and over, Dee kept telling me that she was waiting on me, even though my turnaround time was 1-2 days and hers was weeks on end with zero remorse or acknowledgement. May 3rd through May 8th would have been a reasonable expectation of time for Dee to have completed my filing. She ghosted and zero communication happened. When I finally did message her on Friday May 8th, she was at the lake for the weekend. I even wrote her days after receiving no response to my May 3rd email questions and told her I wanted to get my documents back and go elsewhere. She ignored that message and continued to tell me she was completing my filing. I did not have a choice as I had trusted her with the only original copies of my property. She asked me to clarify some of my items and I promptly did so. On the 14th, she texted that she was finishing up my taxes. Two weeks went by with her ghosting again and not even as much as a text or call to touch base. When I tracked her down yet again on the 27th, her computer was broken. Finally, on the 29th of May, almost a month from when I first sent all of the info for her to complete my filing, she said the taxes were ready and she was charging $595! We had not previously discussed pricing as I am friends with her family member and my understanding was that I was being so patient with her because of a family connection and good faith arrangement. Instead, her rate was more than double what we have EVER paid a tax preparer for this same job with this same business over a decade of working with various people. I was shocke
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Robert W. Hayes, CPA

San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA
May 27, 2020

Incompetent and rude. His errors cost us money. He has no redeeming qualities. He bought the business from Mary Walker, who was great. So we just transferred over to him. From day 1, he was a disaster--and he doesn't even know it. For your sake, and for the sake of your money, find someone else. 1) At our very first meeting, he was very ill-tempered, short with me and raising his voice. At one point, I stood up and said something similar to, "I can see that you are having a bad day. I am sorry to bother you. I guess I can look for another tax preparer or come back when you are feeling better." He stood up and, while not apologizing, he told me that that would not be necessary and his demeanor did change. He has gotten upset with both me and my wife. My wife and I have been very patient with his little tantrums. I am certain this is an issue in his life; that is, that people have called him on his short temper and/or disposition. He really needs to learn how to treat people. His people skills are in dire need of great improvement. 2) He got upset when I said to him, "I received a Notice of Tax Return Change. Why did I get the refund? Is it because you flipped the digits on our estimated tax payments?" He never researched the issue, just got upset with me. 3) I sent him this email on March 13: "Hello, When I dropped off our tax documents at your office, I had all my documents in a blue hanging manila folder with a tab that says, "INCOME TAX". Do you have it?" His response: "I really couldn’t tell you. My admin is out due to the schools being closed and there are more urgent things requiring attention than looking for this." When I asked him for my original documents again today, he replied, "We are done." 4) He rarely returns emails. I have to write him more than once to get a reply.