The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Leonid Levin, EA

Northbrook, IL

Los Angeles, CA
April 2, 2018

I sent my tax documents to this (accountant) company 1 month ago 02/26/2018 and was told by their representatives that they will take care of my taxes and that they have all required documents. I called them few times later to ask about due dates because I don't want to risk and they always answer that they are busy and I should not worry. After almost one month 03/28/18 I received an email answer from Len Levin President, GeltCo, Inc. that my case is too complicated for them (I have multiple state tax return) and they "I’m withdrawing from working with you...". I respond that I will leave a feedback about such negative experience with their company... and recieve this blackmail from Len Levin: "When you start trying to ruin our reputation, just keep on mind that I know too much about you including, but not limited to, your Social Security number. In addition, I am very suspicious about your activities in the US, your sources of living, your connection with Russia, your business income and accounts over there and worldwide, your income tax returns, etc. Please don’t force me to share my thoughts about you with the IRS and other authorities. I am 24 years in this business and believe me: I know where to write and to call. Sincerely, Len Levin President, GeltCo, Inc. 425 Huehl Rd., Bldg. 4B Northbrook, IL 60062 Phone (847) 279-8448 Fax (847) 279-8449" This person threatens me to steal my social Security number. I don't want my identity to be stolen and I also think that it is national discrimination. I believe such unprofessional business should be checked by IRS and closed.