The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Brandy L. Engman

Visalia, CA

Atascadero, CA
March 15, 2018

On February 26th I had a 10 am appointment in San Luis Obispo. I showed up at the hotel where Brandy does taxes. She came outside and said she was with a client and it would be about 10-15. I understood and didn't think anything of it. Almost an hour later I was still sitting outside in the freezing cold and not to mention it was sprinkling. I had to finally leave because I was needed at work and it didn't seem like Brandy was coming out anytime soon! I called the hotel and spoke with Brandy's mom Roberta and she said she supposedly ran after me. Giving Brandy the benefit of the doubt I drove to SLOagain later that evening . My kids and I had to wait again. Once inside everything went well. She was kind as she usually is. And guaranteed that I would have my money in a week. Her we are almost 3 weeks later and there is an issue with my federal taxes and my state taxes haven't even been received. I have been trying to get a hold of anyone at that office. And yeah ok I have received a few emails from Kayla, but nothing fixing the issue. And in top of that I told Kayla what I thought the issue may be. Brandy failed to put my kids SS#'s on my taxes. Instead my daughters ss# read 111-11-1111 and my son's read 222-22-2222. I just don't get this. All I want are my taxes to be filed I shouldn't have to be tracking these people down for something I have already paid for. And truth is I don't like bad mouthing people, but when you're being unethical and taking advantage of people, other consumers need to know. They have that right. I'm not asking for an organ donation. All I am asking for is for them to do their job. Down below it asks which services were provided. There needs to be a box that says crappy service or non-existent services.