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Client Review of

Robert Brownstein, CPA

San Rafael, CA

San Rafael, CA
August 16, 2019

Robert Brownstein has turned into a scary online stalker after I fired him for ineptitude. I was a client for several years and even wrote a good review (at his request). Then a year ago he began to screw things up; mailing forms to a former address, demanding documents that made no sense because he had us confused with another client and ultimately failing to understand instructions from my wife about the sale of a property, although I explained it several times, he got irrationally angry and started yelling that we were trying to commit tax fraud. Yelling, in a shared office, at a client... can you imagine? I fired him on the spot. He became apoplectic when I demanded all my documents, first handing me another persons file and then shoving my papers at me. He had prepared not a single page, he had not done a single document, he had done zero work. I had to start from scratch later that day with H&R Block, because the deadline was approaching! Then it got worse; six months later he began leaving weird, nasty comments on my public Facebook posts intimating I owed him money (of course I did not, he'd failed to do the work) - I deleted them and blocked him as any sensible person would do. So he came after me on twitter (recently at 3am - see the photos, I added them here), so I blocked him. Last week he took to LinkedIn and posted something about tax evasion and then; "Your honorable wife bites while giving head by the way" Yes, it's insane, but he did it - again, see the photos of these posts as evidence. What sort of a man does this? Not the sort I'd trust, that's for sure. I have made an ethics complaint with the California Accountancy Board, filed a police report with the San Rafael PD and now I'm telling you; Be Warned. Robert Brownstein is not stable, a person who makes threats like this against a woman and a former client should be considered dangerous.