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Client Review of

Lourdes Orozco

Evans, CO

Fullerton, CA
October 31, 2020

My parents had their taxes prepared by Lourdes Orozco in 2017 and 2018. They are in their 80’s and had provided their Social Security information in 2017, as requested. They recently received a letter from the IRS regarding their 2018 taxes. They owed over $5,000 in taxes, plus fees, bringing the total over $7,000. There were four items missing from the 2018 tax forms, prepared and submitted by Lourdes Orozco. Two of those items were the Social Security payments for each of my parents. I don’t see how a PAID, professional tax preparer could submit taxes without that vital information for her clients in their 80’s, especially after submitting it the year prior. Lourdes had a phone number for my brother and my sister, along with the phone number for my parents. And yet, she submitted the taxes without the Social Security Income information for 2018. We contacted Lourdes and informed her of the IRS letter, dated 10-05-20, stating over $7,000 MORE was due for 2018. We provided Lourdes with all tax records for 2018 for her review, hoping she would provide some clarification and resolution. She was very lax in responding, and to this date has not tried to do anything to help resolve the matter. Lourdes failed to return any of our phone calls to discuss the matter and only responded with a few texts stating she would look at the records when she had time. Lourdes Orozco was responsible for not reporting Social Security Income for my elderly parents and did nothing to help resolve this issue with the IRS. The last text I received from Lourdes, stating that her lack of response was because she was studying to renew her license that was expiring in December 2020. Obviously, her priorities are on her license renewal for December, rather than to put any time or effort toward helping her paying clients to resolve their matter with the IRS by their November deadline, at which time, even MORE fees and interest would be added. My husband took it upon himself to go through all the paperwork and agreed with the IRS, so my parents paid the additional amount and fees. Lourdes’ unprofessional and incomplete Tax Preparing Services resulted in substantial IRS fees, penalties and interest for my elderly parents. Lourdes never contacted my parents at all, even after being made aware of this problem. Something I found on the internet: Q: If a tax preparer makes a mistake, who has to pay? A: Ordinarily the taxpayer will be responsible for any additional income tax, but the preparer can potentially be held liable for the additional penalties and interest. ... Most reputable preparers will cover the penalties and interest related to their own mistakes.Jun 18, 2019
Client Review of

Raymond L. Portela

Granada Hills, CA

Van Nuys, CA
October 21, 2020

Raymond L. Portela (PTIN LAST 4: 1833) was the tax preparer for my 2019 taxes. On my tax return I was given $603 this was Raymond calculations. I was then told by him I owed $7 to the Sate of CA. I paid the $7 on July 5th, before my due which I believe was between July 7th-10th. I received a letter 9/16/2020 from the State of CA Franchise Tax Board stating I owed $65.56. Raymond calculation was $603, & their was $538. I contacted Raymond IMMEDIATELY about the notice he says he will get in contact with them and figure things out. September 30th I contacted him again since I got not update for 14days, their was no response from Raymond. October 3rd, I contacted Raymond stating “ Have you figure out what was the problem with my 2019 taxes”... He responded “ Hi Monesh Still working on it Trying to reach someone at FTB To figure out what changed in their side“ I told him “ok thank you”. On October 11th I contacted him again stating “ Has their been any fixing for my taxes?“, he read my message but not response. On October 21st which is today I am writing this review I contacted him stating “ Hello it been about a month since I text you about my taxes and you still haven’t got in contact with me! What going on, it say that I owe money but I have paid the $7 you said I owe, I sent you the receipt of the payment. Now the paper work is say I owe $65 that was due on Oct 1st. Now I’m sure I owe more because the payment hasn’t been paid! Either you made a mistake on my taxes or the state did. It would be very professional and considerate if you get in contact with me ASAP!” And STILL NO RESPONSE FROM HIM! BEWARE OF RAYMOND L. PORTELA! I still have all the messages saved and will be pursing a small claim against him in FRAUD OF TAXES
Client Review of

Sean M. Johnson, CPA

Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL
October 19, 2020

My accountant died this past year from complications of pancreatic cancer. His business was purchased by Broyles, Rooks, and Johnson CPAs. I figured that the easiest way to have my taxes done was to go with the new firm for continuity. I filed an extension filed this year, so my tax return would be due October 15, 2020. I dropped off my documents with Broyles, Rooks, and Johnson on September 14, 2020. They didn’t contact me for a couple weeks, so I started calling to get updates starting October 1, 2020 just to make sure that all was going as planned. I made five calls between October 1 and October 16. The first three calls, I left messages with the receptionists (Jordan and Michelle). They couldn’t give information about my return because, “they aren’t the CPAs” and no CPAs were available and my phone calls were unreturned. The fourth call was a week before the filing deadline, and Jordan (receptionist) spoke with the CPA and assured me that my tax return would be prepared and filed on time. October 15, 2020 came and went. I called October 16, 2020 and spoke to Jordan again. She said all CPAs were out of the office and she could not tell me if return was completed or filed. She said to call on Monday, October 19, 2020 for more information. On Monday, Michelle and someone new, a Ms. Spence, advised me that my tax return was not done, and they couldn’t tell me when they would be done because they have a lot of returns still to do. The deadline for tax submission had obviously passed already with them having my documents for a month. They suggested that I should take comfort in the fact that I was one of many clients for whom they did not file returns on time (can’t make this stuff up). I collected my documents from them and have now found another accountant. In summary, if you would like a CPA that does not answer the phone, return calls, or meet important deadlines, this is the firm for you. If you would like your taxes submitted on time or have any interest in communication with your CPA, I’d look elsewhere.
Client Review of

Harvey Altman, CPA

Jericho, NY

Palo Alto, CA
October 15, 2020

As a small business owner, what you need is to have someone you can trust your taxes! Right? I rarely write (bad) reviews online. Being a business owner myself, I know how bad reviews can harm your business. That being said, I do feel obligated to share my experience with Harvey Altman CPA. We have now used Harvey Altman CPA for four years. Prior we had Deloitte for 14 years. As an SMB (LLC), we have a relatively straight forward noncomplex situation. "You "hire them on a retainer and a fixed price". That is all looks good, you might think! However, we have experienced an increase in unforeseen and "unexpected" bills from them over the years - usually just a few days before Tax Day. They bill you for services they have not done. When you flag it and ask them about the billing details, they will respond aggressively and say things like", please understand that accounting is a service industry", etc. Their politics is they do not file your taxes before you paid bills due despite they "make" up bills last minute, you have never accepted or agreed upon. I cannot recommend this company at all. We have flagged this to our legal team. If you want to avoid this not hire The Team Harvey Altman as your CPAs. You might ask, " how bad can it be?" Well, we had an annual retainer of $1.200 / $2.500. However, this year they billed us, with no warning, no further - $11.300. We have now filed a complaint to Board of Accountancy, as well as flagged them in the community.