The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

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Chauncey Watkins

Fort Worth, TX

Ypsilanti, MI
March 14, 2018

This man is scamming innocent tax payers of their hard earned money! I have been filing my taxes with this man for 3 years now and thought I could trust this man with all my private information. I sent him everything he needed to start preparing my 2017 return and when he let me know how much I would be getting back and all of the fees (which he estimated around 400ish for me to file) I told him to let me think about it and when I could get to a computer I would sign everything I needed to and get it back to him. Well I call him back a few days later to let him know I found someone cheaper and he tells me he already filed for me and that he thought I said ok as in ok go ahead and file them. I said but what about the forms I needed to sign and he said well it was just the agreement for the office and I still have the one from last year. So, even though I was upset there was nothing I could really do because it was submitted and filed. Again, this was someone I trusted with all me highly important information. He has everything that identifies me. Weeks go by and I know there’s a delay in taxes so I’m not sweating it and patiently waiting but then I see all the people claiming kids getting theirs back and I’m confused because he submitted it early as heck. So I still give it another 3 weeks we’ll after that I’m still pending so, I call the IRS. I find out I’m being audited because my tax preparer “Chauncey Watkins” added a bunch of unessasary credits that didn’t apply to me so my $4000+ dollar refund went down to $2700 and again I’m like ok well it’s better than nothing so I ask when should I receive it and the IRS person tells me if it ain’t in your bank by tomorrow call us back ASAP. So, tomorrow comes around and what do you know, there’s no money deposited. I call the IRS back and they tell me my money was sent to me. $800 of it was sent to a acoount in some bank in Ohio. Mind you, I DONT LIVE IN OH AND NEITHER DOES HE! I get upset immediately and ask well where’s the rest and was told well he took it he has so many fees and associations on here that $800.00 went to him and then the rest went to another bank and they can’t tell me the locations or names over the phone. So, now my taxes are going to really be delayed and now I have to do the most to report this man to get them back! Idk why he would do this knowing we have communicated back and forth via text message so I have all the proof and I DID NOT even physically sign any tax papers. I now have to drag myself up to the IRS to confirm my identity and now flag my social security for identity theft and fraudulent activity. For the rest of my life now I will have to take extra security measures all because a greedy man scammed his customers and the sad part is he did this to more people and the IRS has literally started auditing all his customers. He took $3000 from my sister as well. Now I have no idea when I can expect to revive my return due to this man and I notified him of this and he denied it at first until I told him what the IRS said and then he says “ oh well, it’s too late, there’s nothing they can do now, I have your money”! ?? Did this man really just admitt this over text messages! Thank you Lordy for making this man confess! Karma will get him! PLEASE, DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER THIS MAN OR HIS COMPANY, THEY ARE SCAMMING THEIR CUSTOMERS AND SENDING RETURNS TO OTHER ACCOUNTS OF THEIR OWN. This is our hard earned money we worked for and they’re acting as someone here to help you and telling you one thing but doing another and then stilling all your money and causing issues with the IRS. The IRS is aware of this issue and taking further investigation measures, but if you had your taxes done with him or his company, please check with the IRS to see if you were a victim of any of his scams, even if you got a return check to see if you got the amount you were supposed. If you have been audited, this is why! Your tax refund will change and then he probably has it set up t
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Stephen E. Rothmaler, CPA

Wantagh, NY

Miami, FL
March 10, 2018

Dear all, My wife did not receive her personal 2016 tax return. Mister Stephen E. Rothmaler is pushing her into a big delay regarding the admin and her tax obligations. I have been developing for 20 years many international companies all over the world as CEO and used to work with many CPA all over the world and in the US. I never met such unfair and unprofessional accountant! As she has repeatedly informed Mister Stephen E. Rothmaler and he is well aware, my wife will no longer use the services of Mister Stephen E. Rothmaler as the contractual relations with his represented company were terminated due to my personal choice of our CPA for our 2017 tax returns. Since we are married we need to do our 2017 tax returns together, the delay of my wife's is delaying our both 2017 tax returns. Mister Stephen E. Rothmaler should immediately deliver to her new CPA, all the accounting and commercial documentation of her companies and for her individual documentation, located at your address, as well as at your CPA office address. Mister Stephen E. Rothmaler's refusal to do so despite the repeated to Mister Stephen E. Rothmaler notifications of this, brings additional damages to my wife's , if it continues, it will force us to take legal action to repay the damages of my wife's personal returns, which Mister Stephen E. Rothmaler and his CPA firm have incurred. The annual accounting closing of my wife's individual tax return as well as the drafting and publishing of the annual financial statement are undertaken by Mister Stephen E. Rothmaler and should be released since a long time! You should have done my wife's tax returns 2016 and you did not! It is a shame in the CPA branch to do such things! Manager of Galuny SA Group. Manuel Moinard
Client Review of

Gregory S. Schuessler, CPA

Columbia, MD

Pasadena, MD
March 6, 2018

We did business with this firm for a year in that years time we had a terrible experience. We are a small business which this firm really hurt our business they were not attentive to our needs. Attending to payroll, business assistance, tax reports, answering questions. Weeks and months would go by without a return phone call about situations that ended up costing us money each time. The months following, they did not provide us with timely responses to our very basic questions about tax filing. They file our taxes wrong costing us fines. They filed extensions on our taxes and result of penalties/interest, not to mention the undo stress the lack of communication the replacement preparer completed our taxes. They would not fix the predicament that they got us into, we had to call the IRS and write letters. They provided far more confusion with filing our taxes in the wrong counties and did nothing to back up their mistakes, we had to take care of it and then they gave us a bill. I am not sure how this company operates or how they justify their billing. They never provided answers to our questions or the IRS. Greg Schuussler CPA firm was literally the worst experience we've ever had with a CPA. Their accountant grossly miscalculated our tax liabilities leaving us with paying a tax bill with a fine we were not expecting. It was a simple "math error" that was admitted to be the fault of the CPA. It cost us a few hundred dollars in penalties and interest payment as a result. They overcharged for services we did not receive in our best interest
Client Review of

Roberta L. Bertrand

Elbert, CO

Elbert, CO
March 5, 2018

Roberta had us amend multiple years of taxes and got paid for those services. It triggered an audit. Roberta, we found out was not authorized by IRS to represent us at audit (not qualified by IRS at that time), but she came and wasn't allowed to speak, but she still billed us for that audit meeting. Her Mom, the CPA came along, but did not fight for us during the audit. They sat quietly to the side, but billed us. We hired attorney. We still lost the audit as the premise was invalid reason to amend tax returns. It was financial windfall for her as we paid for amendments that were based on false premise, had to pay attorney fees, new CPA fees to return our taxes to original status, penalties and interest. Roberta wouldn't speak to us. Roberta would not pay invoice for payments to provide amendments based on her premise and would not pay penalties and interest which is common practice when accountant makes an error. We had paid those taxes, she wrote amendments for money and we had refunds. After refunds, audit was triggered and we were charged penalties, interest, legal representation and more money to CPA to meet our original tax returns before Roberta stuck her hand into previous years taxes that were paid in full. After she wouldn't speak to us, she referred us to her lawyer, but wouldn't provide actual lawyer information. She fired us for having an issue with her work. Her mom, the firm CPA has had sanctions which we found out about after the fact. We don't recommend this accounting firm.