The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Iraida E. Soria

Kissimmee, FL

Ocala, FL
July 13, 2019

I made contact with Iraida who was referred to me for tax services WORST MISTAKE ever I could never get in contact with her afterwards then I was told her cell phone was broken so my thought was you have a business and only one phone? My return came on 4/10th to her but I did't receive it until 4/25th and that was only after many emails from me to her asking her to release my funds to me I called the IRS office and was advised that I could file a complaint form #14157A and 14157 form against her she constantly lied to me I have all of our emails and when I did receive my refund she cheated me out of almost $400.00 more dollars after charging me $600.00 to prepare my taxes which was ridiculous. After researching I was told that my refund went to her bank account at MetaBank in Bacolod Philippines which we NEVER discussed that so I was shocked BUT I called them (the bank) I have their contact number I have ALL of my emails to Iraida and phone text from her telling me the amount of my return minus her crazy price and she still CHEATED ME I told her she was a very dishonest person I received an email from her on 4/29/19 telling me she is working on getting it and it will be mailed to me I also asked for a copy of my return paperwork but to this day I HAVE NOT RECEIVED it or the rest of my money from her. I will NEVER EVER use her AGAIN .. I have ALL my documents to backup the above ... everything ...