The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Saquathih G. Davis

Atlanta, GA

Lithonia, GA
April 14, 2021

My name is Rashonda Liggins and I as well as two others filed our tax return with SaQuathih G Davis, and my refund was simple and nothing extra to my knowledge.. I have been contacting her for three weeks with no response or anything... she was paid through my refund which I didn’t receive...and I haven’t heard from her since I told her about it, her bio is impressive but her actions and words will leave you wondering was I scammed by this lady, I have tried all I can do. It’s a pandemic going on and taking money from families is wrong if anyone do handle business with her please be aware of the inconsistency and unprofessional business that this lady does I’m living proof that it doesn’t matter what their resume says but the reviews people post. I don’t know if she ok or not since I file with her it’s been one issue after the other.. her excuse (my phone was broken).. then her laptop crashed then she told me she was in a car accident.. it just always something for not responding....She even stated she was sorry and offered me hundred dollars so I can have something for me and my kids yes (100.00 dollars) when she is handling my money as well as others, who is also looking for her to respond to our calls and messages. Now we all had to contact the irs and see how can we fix or amend the issue at hand. I even with by business on Cumberland but the lady stated she hasn’t seen her in a few days.. I really trusted her because I was referred to her. Now I know my refund is my responsibility but I thought I was getting expert professional help. I only hurt my family by trusting SaQuathih G Davis with personal info.