The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Robert Goard, EA

Boca Raton, FL

Deerfield Beach, FL
June 29, 2018

Oh where do I start. First off Bob is not a man of his word. If he isn't taking two years to complete a task for you he is busy not taking notes so you have to keep describing the same things over and over. I cant tell you how many times Ive called him (by the way he's never in the office) and he's promised to call back only for me to call back two days later to describe the same problem and get the same result. He doesn't take notes so he has no Idea where you left off together. Its sad and disappointing. Also concerning I paid him out of my return one year and he never gave me the other half of it. During this year he also switched the address to his office address and when I asked him where changed the address to the next year he told me something else so I couldn't file on my own taxes and had to go back through him. never followed up on my return and two years later I am still waiting on it. Finally I called the IRS and found out all the information he had been giving me was wrong. and he was trying to charge me 100 dollars a time he called the IRS to fix or find out probems he should have had the answers to. BUT HOLD ON HERES THE BEST PART. since he switched my address The IRS has been trying to reach me holding my returns because they think it is fraud. So since he switched my address they haven't been able to get a hold of me they have been sending me mail and he hasn't had any inclination to go ahead and call me either to let me know so he charges me to find out why when he already has the mail to know why but is to lazy to call someone to say hey the IRS is trying to talk contact you. (which Bob refused to tell me so he could charge another 100 dollars a time to call them when it took me once) Now the IRS will not send any returns out until I call the number on the mail they provided (which Bob is holding) I asked Bob to switch the address he said ok then sent me an emil the next morning that said "do it yourself" Completely Unprofessional His mind is half there Hes just as bad as some of these pop up scam tax places STAY AWAY Please mind you I never write bad reviews. But after him messing up years of taxes I had to say something.