The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Tiffany A. Merryfield, CPA, EA

Saline, MI

Milan, MI
November 6, 2019

When we started with Tiffany 2018 everything was great. As the time went on into 2019 everything changed. The facts of the situation is, She had to file a extension for our 2019 taxes Due the fact that she took months off to move into a new building.When I questioned about this she stated that we would file another extension.. her being a CPA she should have known there were no further extensions to file. When she FINALLY started on the taxes she ( which was about 3 weeks before the extension dead line), she then got into the files and realized that there was things missing.. She was very nasty with us on the fact that she is under the we were her holding up..( she had previously stated that she had everything) instead the reality is that she has 3 or 4 other business that she herself is running and none of them are getting the attention they need. When I went to pick up our records, she demanded a check.. after we had already paid her 2 checks totaling almost $3000.00.. and nothing was done. I received "my box" of receipts and invoices for the year some were missing. She then demanded that we pay another $2000.00 to get the Quick books back.. I told her that I would pay a $1000.00. She Refused to send me a invoice to pay. I even went so far as to try and pay her through paypal just to get my quick books from her, she sent it back. We have sense taken our accounting needs to a reputable company Ledger Rite. They reviewed the taxes from last year and the work she had done, found MANY mistakes and issues. Ledger Rite got our taxes in on time and done right! Dealing with Crimson company has been a hassle. I asked and emailed several times asking for a detailed invoice.. as to what work was done and when and how long it took. She would not provide that. We then learned that she was charging for emails, phone calls and text messages, when asked for a breakdown as to how this was charged fell on deaf ears. She would not account for the time or the money she was charging. I would not recommend her to anyone. I found it even more appalling and absolutely unprofessional that I have people coming up to me saying that this owner of this company is actively, putting down not only our company.. but our owner. I find that to be in very poor taste. I warn you be very careful who you hire and trust. One other thing.. Tiffany had us as a C-Corp.. When we should;d have been a S corp..A CPA should know and be able to spot the difference. We even recommended her to another business owner.. she did not get his stuff done on time.. now he has pay penalties and fines. She even went so far as to charge them $190.00 to basically pick up their records.. and she had done nothing.If I could give no stars... I would