The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

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Erica Haney

Gaffney, SC

Gaffney, SC
May 14, 2018

I would in no way shape or form us this place or Erica for your financial needs! She filed my fiance's taxes without speaking with her first and without my fiance signing the tax forms!! Then when we did eventually get into her office to speak with her she assured us she would do an amendment that weekend to make our taxes rite. That was February. So about a month passes and my fiance calls to check on the progress of the amendment and the receptionist isn't sure so she'll call her back. So when she does call back she informs my fiance that she needs to bring Erica a hundred dollars before she will do the amendment! First we wasn't going too and have it done somewhere since she was charging us for something she should have already completed and shouldn't have had to do in the first place. But we figured it would just be easier to go ahead and pay here since she had all of the information already,so we did! Now here it is may 14 and her secretary calls today and inform us that she isn't gonna do the amendment!! First off she filed her taxes without her signing off on them and then sat and looked us both in the face and lied to us to get her to sign them! And didn't complete the amendment like she assured us she would! Very aggravated and sadly feel like we've been taken! You should trust the people that handle your finances and this lady and service can't be trusted! The only decent thing she did out of this whole ordeal is give my fiance her hundred dollars back and her paperwork!