Small Business Services

1 Are business gifts deductible? 2 Are small businesses using the Internet ? 3 Are the business gifts I give out at holiday time deductible? 4 Are the costs of starting my business fully deductible? 5 Are there any Federal taxes on Internet access ? 6 Are there any organizations available to help me and my small business . I heard of a SCORE Association ? 7 Are there any reporting requirements for receiving more than $10,000 in cash in one business transaction? 8 Are there any tax incentives in hiring a person with a disability ? 9 As a sole-proprietor, are my health insurance premiums deductible? 10 As an employer , what are some questions that I should NOT ask during a job interview ? 11 Auto lease payments 12 By what date must I as the employer issue W-2 forms to my employees ? 13 Can a Partnership continue after the sale of a partner's entire interest ? 14 Can a partnership lease an auto for business purposes? 15 Can a Trust select a Fiscal tax year ? 16 Can I claim a depreciation deduction on my inventory ? 17 Can I claim a Home Office deduction ? 18 Can I claim a home office deduction on my tax return? 19 Can I claim the part of my living room that has my computer as a home office deduction ? 20 Can I deduct the costs of trees I planted on my business property ? 21 Can I deduct the loss I incurred on the trade in of my business equipment ? 22 Can I depreciate the costs of excavating and the removal of soil from a investment property I own? 23 Can I take advantage of my current year's unused general business credit ? 24 Can I use the Cash method of accounting in my Liquor business ? 25 Cash method of accounting - inventory 26 Corporations - standard mileage rate 27 Defined contribution plan - Limitation on the annual benefit 28 Depreciation, What does MACRS stand for? 29 Did the Research Activities Credit expire ? 30 Did the Work Opportunity Tax Credit expire ? 31 Do all Nonprofit entities have to file Form 990 each year ? 32 Do I have to carryback my current year 's net operating loss ? 33 Do I have to make federal tax deposits electronically? 34 Federal employment taxes payment procedure 35 For what amount of a subcontractor's earnings will I have to issue a 1099-MISC slip at the end of the year? 36 Gifts - business gift limitation 37 Goodwill - amortizable basis 38 How can I get a copy of the IRS Small Business Tax Guide's for the current year? 39 How can I maximize the tax benefit of my current year's large business loss ? 40 How do I calculate a gain or loss on the trade-in of my business automobile ? 41 How do I calculate the amount of tax owed on my freelance secretarial job ? 42 How do I calculate the amount of the advanced earned income amount to include in an employee's paycheck? 43 How do I change my accounting method ? 44 How do I complain about the IRS actions in relation to my small business ? 45 How do I compute overtime for tipped employees ? 46 How do I decide on wage levels ? 47 How do I file an extension for Nonprofit Form 990 ? 48 How do I prepare to get a business loan ? 49 How do I report misconduct and abuse by a IRS employee ? 50 How do I set up the right record keeping system for my business ? 51 I am a small contractor , how do I become Bonded ? 52 I just bought a sole proprietorship . How do I come up with individual cost amounts for the different assets I acquired ? 53 I want to sell my business . How much is it worth ? 54 If I pay my 17 year old daughter for helping me in my business , do I have to withhold taxes ? 55 In reference to banking , what is Debit Card ? 56 In reference to small businesses , what is Bonding ? 57 In reference to small businesses , what is the DUNS ( Data Universal Numbering System ) ? 58 Is my personal credit history considered for a business loan ? 59 Is the amount I pay my trade association deductible ? 60 Is the cost of Farmland depreciable ? 61 Is the Section 179 deduction prorated if I purchase qualified equipment in late December? 62 Is the yacht rental cost I paid to entertain my customer's deductible? 63 Is there a Small Business Association loan I can get for my business? 64 Is there a web site that will give me a listing of accounting and tax software packages available on the Internet ? 65 Is there a website to get a calendar for small business filings ? 66 Purchased of new business equipment - 1st year write off 67 Salesman - NY Knick tickets I gifted my client deductible? 68 Short Form Schedule C-EZ instead of long Form Schedule C 69 Should I file my tax return by the due date even If I can't pay what I think I will owe? 70 Should I not report the interest income that was reported on Form 1099-INT , that was incorrectly sent to me ? 71 Small businesse - SIC ( Standard Industrial Classification Code ) 72 Standard Meal Allowance - in place of the actual meal costs 73 Standared mileage rate - for charity 74 Tolls and parking - mileage method 75 Waiters - requirement to report tip income 76 Web site available to help small businesses 77 What are guaranteed payments? 78 What are the benefits of Incorporation ? 79 What are the differences between an limited liability company and an S corporation ? 80 What are the tax consequences of a Partner's Death ? 81 What collateral is the bank asking for as part of my loan application requirements? 82 What documentation do I need to substantiate entertainment expenses? 83 What documentation is needed to deduct auto expenses? 84 What does marketing involve? 85 What does the term "DBA" mean ? 86 What employment forms should all new employees fill out? 87 What financial responsibilities do I have for my employees ? 88 What form do I file to apply for an Employer Identification Number ( EIN ) ? 89 What form does my business file to pay the Federal Unemployment t Tax? 90 What forms should an employer ask an independent contractor to fill out? 91 What is a Business Plan ? 92 What is a close corporation ? 93 What is a franchise ? 94 What is a NonProfit 990 tax return ? 95 What is a Performance Bond ? 96 What is a Surety Bond ? 97 What is a Venture Capitalist ? 98 What is the current years 179 deduction limitation ? 99 What is the difference between a Corporation and a Limited Liability Company ? 100 What is the difference between a S Corporation and a Regular C Corporation ? 101 What is the dollar amount for the maximum account balance in an employee stock ownership plan subject to a 5 year distribution period ? 102 What is the IRS phone number to get a Federal ID Number ? 103 What is the IRS phone number to get an EIN ( Employer Identification Number ) ? 104 What is the IRS web site address ? 105 What is the liabilty of my father who is a co-signer on my business loan? 106 What is the Small Business Administration's web site ? 107 What is the standard business mileage rate 108 What is the web site for the Securities and Exchange Commission ? 109 What is Workers Compensation ? 110 What legal aspects should I consider when starting a new business? 111 What proof do I need to substantiate my travel and entertainment expenses ? 112 What records should I keep to prove the business use of my automobile ? 113 What should I know about accounting and bookkeeping ? 114 What types of payments would require a Form 1099-MISC to be issued? 115 When are business meals and entertainment expenses deductible? 116 When is Nonprofit Form 990 due ? 117 When is the tax return filing due date for a Decedent's Estate ? 118 When is the tax return filing due date for Corporations ? 119 When is the tax return filing due date for Estates and Trusts ? 120 When is the tax return filing due date for Exempt Organizations ? 121 When is the tax return filing due date for Gifts ? 122 When is the tax return filing due date for Partnerships and Limited Liability Companys ( LLC's ) ? 123 Where can I get Nonprofit Form 990 ? 124 Where do I file Form 5500 ? 125 Why shouldn't I lease a car instead of buying it for my business, if it gives me a larger deduction than depreciation? 126 Will the IRS ever waive penalties ?

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