The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Allen Lamberg

Jericho, NY

Wellington, FL
January 28, 2020

Allen Lamberg is the most dishonest, unethical, immoral person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. It should be clear that he is a Comptroller, and NOT a licensed accountant. The best way to reduce the value of any estate is to hire the services of Allen Lamberg, as trustee. Allen Lamberg helped create the presumption of undue influence by isolating my father, the late Herbert Carmel, from his eldest son, and from his six (6) grandchildren for 17 months while my father, Herbert Carmel, was gravely ill; and dying. During this period of isolation, somehow my father's Will was changed in Allen's favor; and the Deed for my father's Florida home was somehow transferred to Randall Carmel. In my opinion, the list of Allen Lamberg's clients contain the most infamous, and feared individuals on Long Island. Allen has somehow been able to post many checks with my father's signature, after my father's death on March 24, 2017. In addition, Allen Lamberg withdrew all funds from the personal bank accounts of my father, Herbert Carmel, after my father died, and with Powers of Attorney, that became invalid upon the death of my father. In April 2015, I attempted to notify all financial institution of my father's death, so that his accounts would be frozen, pending Probate. At that time I received a threat of bodily harm from Allen Lamberg, if I proceeded in notifying financial institutions. Before the Probate of the Estate of Herbert Carmel, of Herbert Carmel Realty Corp., Allen decided to sell my father's Melville home, as the "Executor" of the Estate. He had no such title. The Long Island MLS had to remove the listing. In my opinion, at the time that my father, Herbert Carmel, needed Allen the most, Allen Lamberg betrayed his trust, after a 35 year friendship. I can't speculate the motives of Lamberg at that time. My father was a good man, with an innate acumen for success as a real estate developer. However, the legacy of my father, has been distorted, into a Legacy of Hate Mark Carmel, Esq. Attorney at Law