The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Lisa Corbitt, CPA

Washington, WV

Boise, ID
September 3, 2018

Knowledgeable accountant with horrible communication discipline. Difficult to work with. Do not recommend. A friend of my who was a new customer of Lisa introduced me to her. I reached to her and was blown away by her prompt communication and virtual savvy systems. She did a skype call with me, answered all my questions and would generally respond within a few hours. The vibes were good and I signed her up as my accountant. Unfortunately her prompt communication ends here. It's all downhill after I signed the contract. It happened for 3 months in a row in April, May and June of 2018. Since it happened over such a long period, I doubt it was temporary. I have a feeling, that's Lisa's style of being prompt to get you to sign and then ignore once you are her customer. It's almost like bait and switch (with communication style). As I said, the day I signed the contract and paid the first month's fee, I got no response to my email. This was April. She took my money and disappeared. I had to schedule new client meeting with my wife's email to get hold of her again. Sure enough, she responded and scheduled a discovery call. She thought it was my wife. When I showed up on the call and asked her about her lack of responses, she said she was really busy due to tax season and she was going to respond to me soon. Since it was mid April, I believed her and gave her a pass. Hoping this would not continue again. Big mistake. In April we talked about how I have a new business card now and I need her to charge my new card going forward. She agreed but only in words. She didn't have the 2 seconds it would take to login to her system and cancel my old card. So in May I was surprised to see that the system charged my personal card. I can update the card info but she had to chose which card to charge on her account. It could have taken her 2 min to avoid this issue, but she ended up wasting an hour of my time and unnecessary back and forth emails. Stress for no reason. She then had to issue a refund to my business account. So I had to correctly categorize the refund because the charge was on my personal card and refund was on business account. It was such a confusion. I cleared up my books but it was unnecessary hassle. I definitely would need an accountant if such mess ups happen regularly. Fortunately for me, my other vendors are more structured and would not screw things up as bad. In June, I reached out to ask for tax consulting session. She was supposed to do this session within 2 months of signing up. I was expecting her to initiate, but she didn't. So I asked her when we can have this session. This is when it stuck me that may be she was deliberately ignoring me as a current client to make time to talk to potential clients. Because when I was a potential clients, she has a perfectly system with calendar integration, reminders etc. But as an existing client, I had to give slots available in email, and then she would say that wouldn't work, without giving any alternatives. Frustrating. The exact same process was so smooth when I was still a potential client. Why would some one make it so easy for potential clients, but so difficult for current clients. This is when I doubted that it was probably deliberate. All her excuses from the last few weeks were just that. Excuses. After she gave me her available slots in email, I said, I will take one of the slots and also asked her a question. Now she ignores my slot request and completely diverts the conversation to the question I asked. She doesn't mention anything about the meeting. I asked in one of the mails asking to confirm if we are still meeting in the slot she confirmed. No response. I followed up again in 2 days, no response. I followed-up 1 day before the meeting and no response. This reminded me of the saying, if they cheat you once, shame on them. If they cheat you twice, shame on you. She has taken me on a ride for 3 months. If I continue to trust her,