The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Linda L. Godschall

Coatesville, PA

Honey Brook, PA
March 21, 2017

I would give negative stars if possible. Aside from still waiting for resolution from Will Torres, I have spent three times the effort (15 hours so far) than it would have taken to do my taxes myself. Will Torres handled my taxes and unfortunately this has been the worst experience I have ever had with taxes. Poor Service Will Torres will let you know he's busy and never did any preparation prior to our visits. He has consistently over promised and under delivered. During each visit, he would let me know what else he needed, which required me to make a return visit. It was clear he never considered I was also busy and repeated trips were avoidable and time consuming. After my taxes were paid and filed, I received a letter from PA Dept of Revenue stating they would not accept as filed. I immediately called and tried to get support. After my initial call and email with information he needed, I never heard back. I sent emails weekly asking for updates that also went unanswered. During the third week of no response, I called and they were terse and said they would let me know when they had time to fix it. A few days latter, I called and insisted on an in person visit. The staff was short with me and gave me the impression I was a bother. Unable to get any assistance, I was forced to redo both Federal and State taxes to compare in attempt to understand what was wrong. During the last visit, Will again let me know that he needed more information (4th time). He said he would make the correction that day or next. I sent that information via email as soon as I got home from that visit to Linda Godschall asking for confirmation that is was received and satisfied what he needed. I did not receive a response and sent follow-up emails for the next two days. Again I received no response, so I called and asked for information. They said it was received but they could not tell me when it might be completed. I let them know I will need to call daily and wait (hopeful) it will be corrected by the upcoming deadline to avoid fees and penalties. At this point I am still waiting.