The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

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Manuel J. Borges, SRTP 1

Yucca Valley, CA
Samuel Rubin

Palm Springs, CA
February 17, 2017

I'm extremely displeased with Borges Associates. Manuel the owner is not a CPA he's a bookkeeper and didn't disclose this by phone. I went to his home where he conducts business. Please beware Manuel doesn't have a separate professional office he properly rents. He co-mingles his personal home with his bookkeeping tax return business. I'm not aware if he has a actual license to conduct business from his home in the city of Yucca Valley or a DBA from San Bernardino County Court. I'm a business owner for 17 years. We sat at his small kitchen table because his wife was on the computer in the small shared office in his home.. He quoted me $60 hour for 24 hours of bookkeeping. I agreed for I needed my books done for a deadline. 1. Manuel calculated several of my independant contractor's 1099's wrong! This error if I would have "trusted" his judgment would have caused me to owe thousands of dollars in taxes that I didn't owe. His calculations were thousands of dollars off. I insisted he made a error and he insisted that his calculations were correct. I asked him to please add up all the 1099's in front of me. His calculations were INCORRECT. I expected a apology and none was given. In my (cliebt experience) he moved extremely slow, complained, huffed, appeared baffled and confused. I should have declined his services at this point but I had a deadline to submit my books. 2. Manuel was extremely judgmental about my sole proprietor status and co-mingling my business and personal accounts at times in the form of online transfers to draws / pay bills. This is completely legal as a sole proprietor but he attempted to make me believe I was doing something illegal. The transfers were causing him additional work and he shouldn't have accepted me as cliebt reviewing my accounts and knowing this upfront! He's very judgmental and tries to make you feel bad. 3. Manuel LOST dozens of my 1099's and looked me in the eye and said he doesn't have them. I know he didn't return the 1099's to me. I went home and searched my files and realized he was being dishonest! I contacted him and he still denied having them. When I got angry and told him he had them - he then said oh oh here they are.. He doesn't get a academy award for his acting. I realized at this point that he's a dishonest person and not to be trusted in my customer opinion. He then comped his services to me for FREE realizing I caught him in several lies. I cannot in good conscience recommend "Borges Associates" aka him & the wife doing business at the house and kitchen. Lastly I cannot in good faith recommend people who judge others and lie to their clients.
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Jennifer S. Honea 1

Dallas, GA
Matthew Moul

Tucson, AZ
February 16, 2017

Jennifer was referred by a colleague and without further research I asked her to file my taxes for 2015. Communication was smooth and everything appeared to be fine. My only complaint was that I had to ask for a copy of my return multiple times, because she seemed too busy offering her other services instead. Eventually she did send it and I had no further concerns. On October 17 I received an email from her stating that the IRS had rejected my 1120S return three months previously on July 19. When asked why it took her so long to inform me, while the IRS requires her do so within 24 hours, she provided no clear answer and instead offered different services. I kindly refused and decided to have my situation looked at by a professional. Communication with the IRS clarified that the return was in fact accepted and on file but also that some of the paperwork she issued wasn’t reflected on the transcripts. I was advised to collect a few documents from her so I could clarify the situation with the IRS. Again, she refused to send me what I asked for. She did send me a picture of one handwritten form, but couldn’t provide the supporting documents of the actual filing of it. Whether she wasn’t able to, or chose not to, is still a mystery to me. Since I was deployed and the emails weren’t going anywhere, I asked my wife to call her. Miss Stancil was extremely rude on the phone. She never listened, interrupted repeatedly and talked continuously about how she was going to fix my return. There was nothing to fix but she was so defensive that she couldn’t understand that all we wanted was documents. She hung up the phone multiple times, only to call back shortly after and continue ranting about the status of my return. Unfortunately, I then noticed that a charge had been made to my account for one of the services I had previously denied. I requested a refund and her response was as follows (this is a direct quote, I couldn’t make it up if I tried) “The reason it was not handled at the time I begin the process if your refusal to allow me to of which I have all documented”. Although I am not totally sure what language that is, she obviously agreed that the charge was erroneous. However, she went silent from there. Since I was still deployed, my wife called her again to discuss the refund. Once again, Jennifer was rude and failed to discuss the topic in question. She demanded to know what we had done with ‘her’ return and accused my wife of using ‘her’ return without her consent. This was clearly impossible since we didn’t even get a copy of that return until after it was on file. Nor would it benefit us to do so. She also demanded my wife never contact her again. After I returned from deployment, I personally called her and she agreed both on the phone as well as in writing that she owes me money. However, weeks went by and no refund was ever issued. I gave her plenty of time, following up weekly, but heard nothing. Eventually I let her know that I would no longer remain silent about her business practices and would take the next steps. Immediately after she started communicating again. Even though she had ‘told’ me to never call her again, and she had been ignoring my phone calls, she suddenly felt it appropriate to call me. The latest communication we have from her is the following: “I have explained to u numersou times that I will forward u your refund. So please stop the harrasment and continuos emails and phone calls and text. I also need you to agree that you will never speak on this matter again. To anyone on social media, etc and that you will stop the threats and harrassment by you and your wife.” “If you want me to proceed you need to agree with all terms.” I am still unable to understand how she can possibly think that she can say this without further consequences. If you are ever thinking about using one of her businesses, I recommend you do your research first.
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Carol J. Rhoads 1

Sullivan, IN
Sean Robbins

Sullivan, IN
February 15, 2017

Oh my goodness. I give one star because less isn't available ... I had used this place for some years and always left feeling as if my taxes were done halfheartedly and felt over charged. So, I researched and found that with all the technology now ( basically the same as preparers use) they're relatively easy to do. But one of their employees told my wife to bring my papers in too and she would freely check to see which of the available 2 status options would be best. So I allowed my wife to use them to explore it. Well, the tax lady called me a day or so later and said it would be best for her to file separate from me. So I told her ok and I would stop to pick up my papers to do myself. When I did stop, the nice lady up front said the owner said to charge me $25. Um, no. This wasn't my idea, my papers were asked to be here from the other employee. She turned and went to the owner's office and returned a few minutes later, handed me my papers and said " &.J. said ok but for you to not ever come back". Shocked, I asked if she was serious because the other employee is the one who had asked for them and so on. The nice lady looked as shocked as I and quietly said " I understand". Suddenly, the office door sprung open as the owner stormed in saying what she tried charge was cheap considering the amount of "work" that was done. I tried to nicely explain to her how her employee is the one that wanted them to explore. She only responded by angrily pacing the area, violently opening and closing drawers and asking "why aren't we doing your taxes then ?". Stunned and in an effort to hope calm her rage, I calmly said, "ma'am if you'd calm down you would understand that your employee requested them, call me with her results advising against it and I simply agreed and don't want you to." She then turned her back, said to just leave but never come back. I obliged by proceeding to the exit, opened the door ,thanked her because she has always charged far too much to people and closed the door to yet another money sponging operation. Now, I don't know if she was having a bad hair color day or what, but mind you, her tyrannical behavior and off the collar business practices was not only disturbing. It was down right unprofessional as well as in the presence of i assume the additional customers or possibly her constituents/friends.