The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Tina Y. Au, EA

Honolulu, HI

Mililani, HI
April 16, 2019

It all started 2 years ago when a friend recommended me to Tina. I am active duty army who made some money with Uber and just bought a house. I went to Tina at the end of 2017 and she filed my taxes just fine. Although she filed it just fine I was the one who told her about certain deductions I qualified for which, luckily, hasn't been filed and I received the deductions for my house. I was charge about 550$ for the first year I went with her. At the end of 2018 I had my buisness going along with some Uber earnings and pay from Army and 2 mortgages. She charged 970$ which seemed way more than I was anticipating. She made it seem like she had done a lot more work when in reality it wasn't. I asked her for an invoice but she was unable to properly show me what exactly I was paying for. All it said was tax preparation - $970. She also helped me with my GET which I knew nothing about and thought she would guide and aide me in my buisness venture. This was less than true. I found out later I had to pay an unnecessary 153$ late fee for my GET. I also had her pay my GET for me with the account information I provided her. She paid the wrong account and now I have to fix this mix-up! She will make up prices and charge you because you are unaware of the actual prices. I later on got a quote that I should've only paid about 700$. She was also incompetent at her job and I had to tell her what deductions I am entitled to for my buisness. She was unaware of these deductions and had to get a second opinion from another tax preparer. She was late when paying my GET and paid the wrong account. Now I have to fix this mix-up up. I definitely would not recommend her and neither would my friend. He also ended up having to pay a late fee for his GET. We didn't get any notice or any information on what we had to do regarding our GET. Tina is not helpful and would not be able to properly guide you with your taxes. Go elsewhere!
Client Review of

Debora Robles

Northridge, CA

Granada Hills, CA
April 14, 2019

My co-worker recommended her to us to make our income tax W-2 last year so I try her out everything was smooth and good whatever she told us what we’re supposedly getting for federal and state. It was the exact amount that we got, so we went to her again to do our w-2 this year, but this year is disappointing let me tell you guys, we been robbed in a broad daylight!!! you know why, she told us this year how much amount we are getting from Federal and state like last year , we always paid her upfront because we don’t want to deduct it through our income tax, but whatever we paid for her, that’s exactly the same amount was deducted in our states tax. I went to her she said maybe we owed something to the state that’s why they deducted them which is rediculously insane, I told her we never owe anything from state or federal eversince, she insisted that she does not double charge us, so to make the story short, she didn’t give us our money back, she’s a leech I bet she’s doing this for a long time ripping off her clients and make them stupid, just letting you know Debbie we’re not stupid we have W-2 and if the state is going to deduct any amount from us they will send a letter to us, before deducting something, and it’s the same amount? Come on!!! You just lost a client and the couple who recommended us to you has the same experience different story but same you double charged them too. And definitely not going to you also next year. Debbie, KARMA is coming to you, just wait and see!!!!
Client Review of

Brian M. Miller, CPA

Hartville, OH

Atwater, OH
April 12, 2019

I hired Brian Miller, CPA to assist in the filing of these back taxes (2014-2016) as well as 2017. Fast forward to this letter, he has SEVERELY messed up my taxes and will not respond to ANY of my numerous attempts to get ahold of him since the original tax notice in January of 2019. I did speak to him twice. The first time was in January when he stated he was going to work on fixing the issues for me and had me send him all of my documents from the state of Ohio. The second time, once I was actually was able to reach him at his place of employment, he pretended to have severe memory issues and said that I never spoke to him, never called, texted or emailed and that he never knew he was supposed to be fixing a single thing for me! He dodged every attempt to remind him of the times I contacted him with saying he will work on them for me. We then ended the call with him saying, “I will work on this Saturday (April 6th) from my home computer. Please send me the tax transcript that Ohio sent you and I will get back to you.” I sent the tax transcript and have since emailed, texted, called his cell 2 times and left a voicemail and also called his work, I have yet to hear back from him. Not only did he put the wrong address for 3 years of taxes, it appears to me he put ALL of my income for 2015-2016 as Ohio income, which is also wrong. He appears to take on much more than he has time for or to appropriately do his work. This is not the first time working with him that he completely ignores me and has me late on my deadlines with ZERO explanation, apology or even acknowledgement of such. When I contacted him for the 3 years of back taxes I made it VERY CLEAR I had a very short time frame (a week, I believe), was in serious trouble and was not able to get another extension from the IRS. He said he would take on the work and had the time to get it finished for me in this time frame. This was clearly a lie as he dodged my calls, texts and emails and when I did speak to him, he said he had a couple other tax appointments and was working on other people’s taxes to get them done in time for their tax filing deadlines; basically that it was ok if mine continued to be late since I was so late filing the to begin with and I assure their timeframes did not include threats of imprisonment by the IRS! I was appalled but had no choice but to let him continue to work on them as he had all of my documents and couldn’t answer my calls and CONTINUOUSLY lied about how soon he promised to get them done for me. LUCKILY the IRS gave me another extension that was needed because of him not finishing in time! See, APPALLING. My point is, DO NOT take on work that you do not have the time to do, when someone has a serious issue on their hands and you PROMISE to help them fix it and know once you start, they are STUCK with you, so you do what?....set them aside???!!! As a professional license holder and business woman, the VERY LAST THING I ever want to do is report another professional. At this point, I have no choice but to report him to every single place I possibly can.