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1 Alimony - minimum payment period 2 Alimony - third year non-payment after divorce - recapture rule 3 Are funeral expenses deductible on my personal income tax return ? 4 Are my excess foster care payments tax deductible ? 5 Are NYC line of duty injury payments to police officers and firefighters taxable ? 6 Are the taxi fares I receive for working in an unsafe area, taxable to me ? 7 Are the unemployment checks I receive reportable on my tax return? 8 Are there any tax credits or refunds related to reparations for slavery ? 9 Are there any tax incentives in hiring a person with a disability ? 10 Are there favorable tax deductions for a SUV? 11 Are traffic tickets deductible? 12 Artists - Special rules 13 Can I claim my father-in-law who lives with me as a dependent? 14 Can I deduct the loss on the sale of my principal residence on my tax return? 15 Can I make installment payments on the amount I owe on my Federal Tax return? 16 Can I use income averaging on my tax return? 17 Can I use short form 1040A if the only capital gain distributions are from a mutual fund ? 18 Can I use the loss I received from a Partnership K- 1 that was generated from a Publically Traded Partnership to offset income from other K-1s.? 19 Can my Federal tax refund be used to pay other debts ? 20 Capital Gains Tax Rates 21 Do I have to file a Tax Return (children and other dependents) 22 Does a Power of Attorney stay in effect for more than 1 year ? 23 Does the IRS have assistance for taxpayers with disabilities ? 24 Form 1040 - what line is my Taxable Income? 25 Forms 1099 - attach to my tax return? 26 How could I have taxable capital gains on a mutual fund that is worth less today than it was last year? 27 How do I claim a refund for a deceased taxpayer? 28 How do I complain about the IRS actions in relation to my small business ? 29 How do I file my current year’s tax return if my spouse passed away during the year? 30 How do I get a copy of my tax return ? 31 How do I get New York City forms ? 32 How do I know if I am a Active participant in a retirement plan ? 33 How do I notify the IRS about my address change ? 34 How do I reflect the unpaid balance of the mortgage on the sale of business property? 35 How do I report misconduct and abuse by a IRS employee ? 36 How long does it take to get a trademark registered and how much will it cost ? 37 How long should I keep my important tax documents ? 38 How much of my Foreign Earned Income is excludable ? 39 In electronic filing, what is an ERO ? 40 In relation to divorce , what is community property ? 41 In relation to trade marks , what is a service mark ? 42 Interest Rates for the year 2013 for Individuals ? 43 Is a corporation with $4,000,000 in annual receipts liable for the Alternative Minimum Tax ? 44 Is my state a community property state ? 45 Is the costs of me driving to work deductible? 46 Is the insurance payments I made for embezzlement deductible? 47 Is there a limit to the amount I elect to rollover into a SSBIC ? 48 Is there a phone number to call to report someone who is not filing a Federal Tax return ? 49 Is there a special power of attorney form needed for my tax preparer to answer questions by the IRS ? 50 Is there a website to verify penalty calculations determined by the IRS ? 51 Leased auto - income inclusion 52 Margin interest - reportable to IRS ? 53 Social Security - Phone Number 54 Social Security Benefits Reduction - younger than 65 and earning wages 55 Tax Brackets and Rates - for each filing status 56 What are the Uniform Transfer to Minors and Gift to Minors accounts? 57 What documentation do I need to substantiate entertainment expenses? 58 What does community property mean? 59 What exactly is an Audit ? 60 What form do I report my like kind exchange on ? 61 What income tax bracket do I fall into? 62 What is a copyright ? 63 What is a IRS CP-2000 notice ? 64 What is a Keogh plan ? 65 What is a Patent ? 66 What is a REMIC? 67 What is a Roth IRA ? 68 What is a Trademark ? 69 What is Bond OID accretion ? 70 What is the AMT - Alternative Minimum Tax? 71 What is the Bonus depreciation limit for vehicles in 2011? 72 What is the IRS Mission ? 73 What is the IRS Publication that deals with Innocent spouse relief ? 74 What is the IRS Telefile system? 75 What is the phone number to call for IRS Tax Publications ? 76 What is the standard mileage rate for using my car for business 77 What percentage is the personal income taxes collected to the total federal revenues collected ? 78 What's the difference between a credit and a deduction? 79 Where can I find the per diem away from home meals and lodging rates for foreign countries ? 80 Where can I find U.S. tax assistance in Great Britain? 81 Where can I get information about becoming a licensed IRS tax preparer ? 82 Who can I contact if I feel I was discriminated against because of my age ? 83 Who must file a return - (not children) 84 Will the IRS ever waive penalties ? 85 With the introduction of so many tax software progams, doing your taxes seems so easy. Why should I use a CPA to prepare my tax return?

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